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Sinterklaas or Santa Claus

Dear Bloggers,

Every year again I have to explain the story about Sinterklaas and I think everybody should know this.
It is simply part of our ancient history and Saint Nicholas is the patron of the sailors, so it is a mistery to me that my fellow sailor's have not more knowledge of the facts and that is why I am going to explain them to all of you.
Let's start with the story how Santa got invented in the new world.

The History of Santa Claus

17th century: Dutch immigrants brought with them the legend of Sinter Klaas.

1773: Santa first appeared in the media as St. A Claus.

1804: The New York Historical Society was founded with St. Nicolas as its patron saint. Its members engaged in the Dutch practice of gift-giving at Christmas.

1809: Washington Irving, writing under the pseudonym Diedrich Knickerbocker, included Saint Nicolas in his book "A History of New York." Nicolas is described as riding into town on a horse.

1812: Irving, revised his book to include Nicolas riding ove…

The ”romantic” wintertime

Dear Bloggers.

As I walked down to a friend of mine who lives close to the harbour, it started snowing.
Which is giving beautiful postcard scenery.
As usual we are drinking coffee and discuss and find solutions for nearly all problems and challenges of this planet, if really needed we will turn the world upside down to get it back into the right direction.
All of a sudden the heating stove was discussed.
Why is it not on?
The problem was that his little firewood shelter was not filled up yet, so there was nothing to burn
I must admit it was not that cold as well.
Of course the remark about putting on the stove was given by a woman, yes they are all stuck with these romantic ideas, the ones I am a bit short of in my latest years (in full panic I realize that I am getting closer and closer to my midlife crises, or maybe something worse.)

My mind was slipping away when I walked back to the ship and it had started snowing heavier.
Memories of my younger years came into my head.
The very cold days in…

Myth busted that women want to have less sex.

Dear Bloggers,

We (me and my spouce) found out after many years that we are completely different and that she is thinking like a woman and I am thinking like a man.

I really start to think how it would be if we would be thinking the same way.
If it comes to the point we are the same, the only difference I can discover is that she is looking for somebody that needs to open up more to her world.
But why doesn't she guide me in the right direction?
I am an idiot if it comes to the romantic part, I must admit I was a lot better at it in my younger days.

I hope I will find my way back, otherwise I might loose the most beautiful thing in life, and of course I still love her with all my heart.
Unfortunate as I am, the men's part of my brain has taken over my female side of the body. (As a lot of men have to admit, I am afraid that we are thinking to much with our dick.)
But that is the problem if you have a women with a lovely body, could you stop thinking of anything else?

I found the follw…

The contrasts in live.

Dear Bloggers,

It came to me, when I was at the local chinese restaurant to get some take away food for me and my family.
As I live in the country we are having quit firm types of women.

It is not that they are extremely big or fat, it is the whole picture that they not really fit in.
If you see the chinese people next to them, compared to them we are all big in length and a bit fatter if it comes to the model of the person.
And I must say they are all working hard together, but admit it looks a bit silly anyway. (for me it is just a great peace of humor, and there is not much to laugh about in this world at the moment.)
In todays cultural mix it is nothing strange anymore, if I just go back to my youth about thirty years ago.

I remember that I was kind of impressed when I saw the first dark skinned person, as we only knew them from illustrations in books and comics. (a lot of wrong impressions)

Now we are even see relationships between different cultures, and that is a good thing.
Only thing…

Old Sailor has also gone to space

Dear Bloggers,

From today my blog is also readable on Msn Space

Here is the address:

Of course I will keep producing on this blog

The Old Sailor,

Ilussions of love (in words)

Dear Bloggers,

Love is meaningless or....

Love is an Illusion

Just a while ago, I had observed that older couples are less loving towards each other compared to younger couples.
Naturally, I asked myself .. why so?
I could have settled for a simpler answer like - the feeling has faded or they no longer love each other or whatsoever.
However, I refused to take this for granted.

I remembered myself absurdly asking my female friends about this (to get some female perspectives) during our casual conversations.
But I wasn’t satisfied with the answers… and soon, I gave up.
It was only in recent years, I finally found the answer for this old little puzzle of mine.
I found all my answers on the web, nothing has to stay unknown if you know where to look for.(Google and Wikipedia are great tools.)

The ultimate purpose of human being is to breed and have children and continuing the next generation.
Everything in our life is geared towards that goal.
The survival of species is the ultimate quest in al…


Dear Bloggers,

My computer is troubling at the moment.
I am getting the funniest messages and errors

It is not that bad, but I have been losing my patience every now and then.

I had to ask for help

And get my computer serviced

And all my files were cleaned up.

They even got my Word program fixed.

As soon as I Can I will come with a blog again.

The Old Sailor,