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That is my wish...

Dear Bloggers,
Sometimes there are moments in life where shivers run down your spine. This may be of emotion, love, fun moments on television because you're sick, happy or maybe sad or filled with grief. Outside these emotions or feelings, there are many other causes consisting of emotion and chills. When I look up to the sky, I see the beautiful white clouds floating and an airplane flies over with a leaving a beautiful white trail behind on its way towards the sun. Sitting at the computer at home I hear the music on the radio as an emotional tone makes my thoughts play.

Listening to Glennis Grace a great Dutch artist singing “Dat is mijn wens,” translated “That is my wish,”I remember most of the beautiful things in my life. The life which today includes also anxiety, panic, stress and aggression. My mind changed after I fell down the stairs some years ago and I never found the old me back. kicking people to death has become nearly normal in today's society, or shooting people…

I had no idea asthma could be fatal.

Dear Bloggers, 
I let my thoughts go when I think up a worst case scenario as my wife is diagnosed with the final stage of Asthma. Something that was told at the doctors office a couple of weeks ago. 

Somehow it is waiting untill things go terribly wrong. I imagine it like this.
At 7.50am, my wife left for work in her car as usual, dropping off our youngest at the day care centre on he way. I had to start earlier and do my rounds with the bus.

She texted me: “Can you take care of diner today?”she tapped.

I phoned her back and we chatted about the plans for that evening. We ended the ­conversation as always by saying: “Love you.”

A couple of minutes later, she was dead.

She’d driven into the side of a lorry after suffering a fatal asthma attack.
For us the rest of the family of four, her death came as a bolt from the blue. Shocking are thestatistics as they show that one person dies from asthma every eight hours.

But a new review, that will investigate the cause of asthma deaths, is hoping to…

Whaaaa......Im getting 45

Dear Bloggers,
I am becoming 45 years old in a few days and have seemingly done nothing with my life. I’ve got married put two daughters on this planet but I have a long trail of failed relationships and other kind of rocky roads behind me. Yes we do have children, but they did not come easy. 

I own a house but it is hardly sellable during the past three years it has been an economic crisis and the costs of it is on our neck further we own two at least 16 year old cars. I am a busdriver on a temps contract which means I am aprofessional though but half of the time you are unemployed. Yet when I'm working, I don't consider it my career, but more of a means to an end. I have no real hobbies or passions of note.. except writing on my blogstories

I know its hard at our age to look back at what's been accomplished so far and feel any real satisfaction. That's why this time of our lives is titled "the Mid-life Crisis". I'm having one myself. BUT~ identifying what&…