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Enjoying the Autumn Sun

Dear Bloggers,
Soon the holidays are coming and autumn is all of sudden there. The weather is a bit funny. Some days stormy weather is bashing on your windows and a day later you can walk around in a shirt as it is nearly 20 degrees Celsius. Anyway I am enjoying the beauty of the landscape that is passing by. 

Autumn colours are so beautiful. And this fall we have been blessed with a couple of sunny days and more than only a few rainy ones. The air is getting crisper and you can smell the lit fireplaces through the chimneys. I love that smell. It means winter is on it’s way.

I love autumn, for so many reasons, and yet it invariably manages to make me sad, I find that autumn turns the still pool of my nature to the very dregs, and kicks up all sorts of murky stuff while it is at it. Coals slowly turning into diamonds, the moon is trapped beneath a branch, and, like the coming winter, it can also cut to the bone, winter winds that twist and turn and are hard to evade.

A series of disappoint…

Ending my sweet life the second part

Dear Bloggers,

I was asked a couple of times by fellow blog writers to make a part two on my sweet life is ending. It took me a while to produce a sequel on this story. I am now pretty experienced if it comes to my own case.. In the beginning it scared the hell out of me. And yes I probably will not get very old but that doesn’t bather me. I have it pretty much under control and my life is full of imperfections but I am not much of a cry baby and sit in a corner whining. I have a future to live for and I hope one day to play with my grandchildren. Both my my wife and me have health issues and climbing stairs is getting us into trouble. We decided to put our family home on the market and look for something with everything on ground level. My next move after this one will be in a wooden coffin. Let us hope that we have a couple of great years left with the kids at home and if they fly out that they come and see us frequently with their kids.

Hard reality
Once you know the facts, it is ha…

Sailor's wisdom

Dear Bloggers,As the summer weather os on it’s return and the rain bashes on to the windows of the bus, the irst storm is a fact, my mind drifts off to the days that  I was at sea. I rememberred a couple of nautical proverbs that I learned on the way.  It was one of the funny things to do during bad weather for me  hang out in the messroom with some other crewmembers and pop up all these sayings and try to explain them.  Those were the days.
If you are a friend of the captain, you can wipe your hands on the sail.
This one is easy if you are a good friend of the boss, you can live a bit next to the rules.
Where water is the boss, there must the land obey.
We cannot tame nature.
Smooth seas do not make skilful sailors.
A sailor needs to be able to work duringrough conditions
The water in which one drowns is always an ocean.
If someone gets into trouble or even dies, the consequences are often bigger than you can imagine.
If you want to drown yourself, don't torture yourself with shallow wat…