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It started with a kiss.....

Dear Bloggers,

This one I am writing especially for my beloved wife, who walked into my life 16 years ago and still I am having a hard time to express my feelings to her.
I am really surprised that we are still together as I am not the easiest person to live with.
Sometimes I am stubborn like hell and I am not the most caring guy in the world.
Somehow she must either really like me, or is she still in love with me?
I feel so lucky that I have met a woman like her.

Who shows her cares, respects, love me.
Furthermore we got two beautiful girls, and they are not always easy to handle when daddy is away.
I must admit that I am having a different life as I am away, but if one of them is sick it is me that also doesn’t sleep and feels powerless.
I feel like it is a miracle that I met a girl who understands my feelings though I never express or let her know my feelings...
I don't know how she understands..
I never wanted to open my heart since I used to have a heartbroken experience.
I am so a…

Enjoy life while it is there

Dear Bloggers,

I used to wonder why I was me.
Why wasn't I that rich guy?
Why wasn't I smart? Why wasn't I attractive?
Why? Why? Why?
It took me nearly 40 years to find out all those things were only my choice of thoughts.
I hope it doesn't take you that long.
It really matters very little what your friends, teachers, parents, etc. think or believe about you.
Because you are you, it is your opinion that counts.
You don't need the validation of others.
But you do need the acceptance, love and validation of yourself.

Life's one choice after another,then you live them, choose wisely.

Life is a series of linear events.
A chain of choices about those events, leading to other events.
Never ending cycles of pain and pleasure for learning and growth.
When the sun shines, it shines on everyone.
When it rains, it rains on all.
Every single person will experience at some point during their lifetime: tragedy, failure, depression and hopelessness.
They will also experience: j…

If you are old, you should not do these things

Dear Bloggers,

I fell over skating at the Natural Ice rink close to my home at the end of the day of the 8th of januari.
After a few hours my hand started swelling up and I called the doctor’s office and they asked me to come down.
I took my bycycle and took off, a painful experience and I could hardly get my glove of my wrist when I arrived.

Due to a miscommunication among the doctor’s and drouzed by a mix of endorfines and painkillers, I had been waiting for about an hour.
The doctor apolagized and started to diagnose my hand and wrist.
As she was not 100% sure, I consequently ended up in the Emergency room at the Hospital of Heerenveen on a cold winter's evening where a sprained wrist was diagnosed and treated.

The long wait at Emergency room was to be expected but nonetheless was pretty unpleasant.(3 hours having pain and it was pretty busy)
The service was short-staffed but as always staff were excellent and pleasant in spite of being under enormous pressure.
It would have been…

Everything to avoid a winter depression

Dear Bloggers,

When we opened the curtains this morning, the world around us was covered in snow.
My kids were excited, but I start too hate the down parts of this beautiful scenery, instead of enjoying it, but somehow I can’t anymore.
As my wife has to go by car to work, she had to leave early as the forecast was not to good this morning.
There were a lot of accidents reported due to slippery roads and places where they had to deal with glazed frost, they even have closed certain highways because of these so called glaze on the roads.
Gritting was impossible for a few hours.

Tomorrow my kids go ice skating on natural ice, even though the temperatures are rising a bit above zero.
It has been freezing pretty hard for a few nights, strange enough they are having lower temperatures in the south of my country.
I think that I will see my daughter for the first time on ice skates.
As the winters were not that good the last few years.
I am looking forward to see her hassling with her skates, I h…

A happy start of 2009

Dear Bloggers,

Welcome back in 2009, and now the happy eating days are over.
It is every year the same that you think maybe this year I am gone lose some weight as the last days of 2008 were passing with loads of delicious food.
And I am not sure if I gained any weight but in my case, I can loose several kilo’s anyway.

Every year again I am making the resolution to loose a bit of weight and gain a bit of happiness.
It seems that fat people are happier than thin ones.
The studies have concluded that:

Thin people are much more likely to commit suicide than large ones (suicide decrease by 15 percent for each 5kg per square meter increase in BMI - body mass index);

As the BMI rose the risk of depression decrease;

Fat people are more jovial and content than skinny ones;

Not fatness alone cause people to be happier, but increase in body mass index (fat & muscle mass) which, think researchers, is correlated with insulin resistance, and insulin associated with serotonin - the feel-good hormon…