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Happy with what you have, not with what you could get

Dear Bloggers,

My wife… What can I say about her? She is always there for me. Always giving up her own life for me. She studied still when she we first met. But she gave up her own career for me to pursue my dreams. I know, she will say our dreams. But the honest truth is that she gave up her future career for me to go off and tackle the world. Always taking a back seat…

My wife. A mind as sharp as her tongue! And damn! If only you knew how sharp that tongue can be! I always tell people to rather deal with me because I am the easy one. The soft one. But you mess with her… Man, man, man… All hell will break lose! Remind me that I tell you about the poor insurance guy one day. Haha! I don’t think he ever recovered.

My wife… We moved in together and she gave up her own job for me, and started work for peanuts at Arriva. Because that was what I wanted her to do. I was in between jobs all the time and worked as a freelance bartender and only weekends we were busy. As I needed to be a…

My scientific approach of valentine’s day

Dear Bloggers,

When Love Blossoms
Romantic love, is not an emotion.
Rather, it’s “a motivation system, it’s a drive, it’s part of the reward system of the brain.”
It’s a need that compels the lover to seek a specific mating partner.
Then the brain links this drive to all kinds of specific emotions depending on how the relationship is going.
All the while, the prefrontal cortex is assembling data, putting information into patterns, making strategies, and monitoring the progress toward “life’s greatest prize.”

Love also hurts.
A recent study where 40 percent of people who had been dumped by their partner in the previous eight weeks experienced clinical depression and 12 percent severe depression.
It is estimated that 50 to 70 percent of female homicides are committed by lovers and spouses.

Divide love into three categories involving different brain systems:

1) Lust (the craving for sexual gratification), driven by androgens and estrogens;

2) Attraction (or romantic or passionate love, charac…

Is it all over?

Dear Bloggers,

This item was removed, we are sorry but it was hurting too many feelings.

Stop wasting your time and do something useful with it, at least try to enjoy live.
Let me end like this: “Love may be blind but you don’t have to be blind not to see things. After all it’s your future life that is concerned. ”

The Old Sailor,

One more week to Valentine's

Are you my Valentine?

Dear Bloggers,

It is nearly there, valentine’s day.
It is for men one of these days that your loved one expects something romantic from you.
Every year I am breaking my head over what should I do this year.
How will I surprise her.
My head is panicking and she acts like she doesn’t care.
Is it really all about love?
I am affraid to loose her, she might find someone else as her interrest in me has faded.
Could I ever become her prince again?
As my beauty has got it’s wrinkles, i gained a lot of weight, and being a gentleman became history as my character changed after a nasty fall.

For a while after coming home it seemed I had made a full recovery.
However, more recently I have noticed that I’ve had a change in my character.
Also my memory is having strange gaps and after all these years, I have not been able to recover these parts.
My wife somehow does not want to believe it or can’t she cope with it, as most of my functions brainwise are working again.
It is pretty…


You Are The Love In My Life

My heart is still on fire and only set on my future with you
Loving and caring for only you with all I have
I am waiting for the time to be with you everyday

When I dream, I dream of you
When I think, I think of you
When I love, I love only you

You have put love in my life where there was none
At that time I had the feeling that love had gone
Hoping it is for the longest and eternity
My body is longing for your touch

So much to say but no spoken words can compare
to the feelings I have for you

I love you with all my heart but there are no words
and I write them down for you, so the less it hurts

The Old Sailor,

How good are you in your relationship?

Dear Bloggers,

In our youth we had a different picture of psychologists, they were pushed into the corner of the alternative healers, these things have changed quite a bit in todays world.
Therapy is not dangerous or irrelevant anymore, although a lot of people are afraid of being in therapy.
(They still think that you need to be crazy or that you have to calm things down with real pills from a 'real' doctor)
In this crazy world, which is always on the run and stresses people out.

Psychologists deal in the way the mind works and motivation, and can specialise in various areas such as; mental health work and educational and occupational psychology.

What is psychology?
Psychology is a science based profession.
It is the study of people: how they think, how they act, react and interact.
It is concerned with all aspects of behaviour and the thoughts, feelings and motivation underlying such behaviour.
They look at how the ideas and theories involved in each area have developed, and explo…