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Getting old and crumbling down slowly

Dear Bloggers,
I recently injured my right arm and was told I had damaged a ligament on my bicep, known as a 'Popeye' muscle. I wish to have surgery to repair this, but have been told this isn't considered for older people, regardless of their physical condition. I am willing to pay for the treatment if necessary. I am a fit 48-year-old - I go to the gym once a week and try to stay healthy to care for my mental crashed wife.

I've damaged a ligament on my bicep, known as a 'Popeye' muscle It just snapped when I helped the son of our neighbors to get his car out that was stuck in the mud
This injury is clearly frustrating for me but it's not a reason to withdraw from your valuable regular exercise regime, which is so vital for the maintenance of good health - physical as well as mental.

Hopefully, a detailed explanation from my doctor will help me to regain some of my former drive and enthusiasm,
He said to me: Enabling you to remain as physically active as ever,…