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Getting back to work has hooks and eyes

Dear Bloggers,

At the moment my challenge is to find a new job, which I can fill in with my needs so they fit better with my illness.

I've also applied for a job as a bus driver. Most likely there is for the employer financially support possible for me to integrate within the company. A part-time job is better than no job at all, and after all my efforts that I made to return to work and to get in such a condition again that working would be in the possibilities.

Research has shown that most people on benefits want to work.
But there are many obstacles, so face the unemployed and disabled. The majority of people on benefits want to work. This became clear from the published report. “Wel of niet aan het werk” of the Social and Cultural Planning Office and the Council for Work and Income.

Unemployed, disabled and workers were interviewed for the study of the report. The report shows that the willingness to work among beneficiaries is high. Of the people who are partially incapacitated,…

How to keep the faith?

"Remain confident in the survival of all positive and negative life experiences."

Dear Bloggers,
It's not that I am deeply religious but I've planned to read the Bible once in my life and I planned to get a better understanding of fellow believers. If you have the feeling that you have lost everything and it is getting hard to stay positive, you will start looking for getting out of this misery. If your life slides down towards the valley; you will try to slow it down. But if your mind starts slipping too it is going to be a bit of a different story. I am luckely a realistic kind of person and I can quite quickly adapt to these kind of crisis situations. Anyway no matter what happens it will give some kind of stress. The biggest challenge is to look for another job as I simply cannot sit back and relax.

The Old Sailor appears no longer to feel safe on the spot where he always was safe. A very familiar feeling when something bad happens to you: literally and figurative…

Joy and enjoy

Dear Bloggers, Yesterday was not the best day to stay positive, I was back on board to talk things over with my boss. As the job that I was doing is not getting easier the company has decided to give me notice. You can probably imagine that my mind has been running in circles when I was back home as my little bubble fully bursted. Although I was negative for a couple of hours and did not sleep that good last night. I started of this morning with getting my kids to school and doing my Qi-gong session. After this I made some coffee, shot an e-mail to the Union to help me out. The world is still turning so time to write my story for this week.

You see life as a growth in your ability to enjoy life and to experience joy and happiness is most important in this life. It is also nothing to laugh about, mental relaxation, quality perception, and are in harmony with existence, and on inner integrity, inner freedom, and experiencing the meaning of your existence.
Living in a positive quality of li…

At the bottom of our existence

Dear Bloggers,

It takes a while before you realize how formative the landscape may be where you are born and raised.
You see this perhaps the best in nostalgia, with people who languish because they - for whatever reason - have left their homes.
It is sometimes astonishing to see where they desire to return.

I have a really beautiful place to live but I do not feel at home here.
We have not done badly and now live in a semi-attached house in Lippenhuizen.
I look out on the forward at a few houses and a field with a pond, a playground is located just 2 streets away, a primary school and a village shop within walking distance - some people would kill for that kind of environment.
Although this is not the thing for me, I think

But this man longs for his homeland and the emotion took me along and my mind was already there.
We see one and another in our mind, a tiny village on a lake.
This is where I grew up and where life still radiates purity.
Already dreaming I suddenly woke up and felt tired and …