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A fieldtrip to the museum

Dear Bloggers,

It is springbreak and rain is pooring and the wind is picking up. We have decided to do something indoors unfortunately we did not have one nice day at all. The sun has been out but not longer than ten minutes.
It is another day that is filled with rain, rain and more rain. And the kids have spring break so it is time for a so-called indoors adventure day. With adventure day we are going to do something special together with a goal that we have fun and do something unusual. For example when I was sailing we went by bus or by train as my wife had to work and was using the car. As money has become more and more an issue and my wife has holiday too.

I calculated what it would cost to go by bus and train for the four of us and I was really schocked as our country wants to stimulate to go by public transport. Well let us calculate this.We live in Friesland, and today is the Nature Museum in Leeuwarden on the program. So we need to travel to Leeuwarden. First of all we need t…

Help the Red Cross or become a member

Dear Bloggers,

My wife is an active member of the Red Cross division in our neighborhood. Every Tuesdaynight she is going to follow lessons with a diversety of items. They learn for example how to handle injured persons and also how to recognize bonefractures. Furthermore they learn CPR and how to use a walkie talkie as a professional which is needed when a disaster or a big event happens. Unfortunately the Red Cross in the Netherlands is getting short of (young and new) members, and we absolutely need these people for so many occasions. So I used all my sources to find out why I should write about them and I asked myself the following questions.
What is the Red Cross?
Most countries have a Red Cross Society or the Red Crescent but they have the same kind of background. The Red Cross can therefore (almost) anywhere in the world help people and children…

The commercial feast of Valentine.

Dear Bloggers,

Happy Valentine's day daddy, that is what my kids are yelling to me this morning. Yeah right another "happy"day. I slowly wake up out of my half sleep mode, the weather is nice and it is snowing a bit.
Ah Valentine's Day. The first thing that comes to mind is a heart shaped box of cheap chocolates that should be directly applied ones hips. And then there is that sweet little cupid. He's an over weight angel aiming a bow and arrow at you to inspirer you to fall blissfully in love. I mean let's face it. Cupid's arrow is a weapon that literally and metaphorically could be the death of you. But all jokes aside. Do you even know why we actually celebrate Valentine's Day? I didn't think so.

In ancient Rome the date February 14th was a holiday to honor, the Roman Goddess of women and marriage. The next day was celebrated as the pagan Roman Feast of Lupercalia. During this time in Roman history young adults were strictly segregated by sex.

If your dreams get crazy

Dear Blogger,

As the weather is wet and moisty, my body is not my friend as everything is being sore again. I am using since a long time my painkillers again. I am not much of a dreamer but last night I woke up and had this weird dream about working a dull office job. As I am still unemployed and they give me advise to do an office job and I am really scared to end up in a job that would kill the happines in me. To give you an impression of what was happening in my dream, I wrote the following story. It is not that I do not respect people that work in offices or call centres but it scares the crap out of me if I needed to stay all day in between of these four walls, time for the story so sit back and relax.

I'm all at sea ", if only for a day

The city provides a sad sight. The rain drizzles down. People with umbrellas raised high above their heads, they can walk as fast as they can to get into their heated homes or buildings. The facades give a gray, sad impression in this m…