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Staying active with FMS

Dear Bloggers,

Staying active when living with fibromyalgia is a necessary challenge. If you rest, you rust, like the old saying goes. And I think that's true when it comes to fibromyalgia. Something is off-the hook in our central nervous system, and that produces exagerrated responses to things that would otherwise not be painful to a person without fibromyalgia. Sometimes, there's nothing to respond to, the pain is just there and nobody knows how it was caused. Sitting still is the logical response, intelluctually speaking. If I just don't exercise, maybe I won't cause any pain and I'll feel better. But the exact opposite is true. If you do not stay active, you will be in even worse pain. Believe me, I have done both, and it's far better to stay active than it is to become immobilized. This following section is devoted to a once-active man with fibromyalgia who wanted to get back to his active live. Who is still active but may be having trouble modifying his…

In love

Dear Bloggers,

So far I am spared trom the swine flu. Some time ago I was infected with a virus and I stil suffer from it, it was appearing with light headed feelings including a ticklish belly (read: butterflies) and constant daydreaming. There are a number of adverse reactions: spontaneous gaiety, a hollow heart beaten, concentration problems and daydreaming.

Indeed, I am talking about the infamous love.

Love is just like any other virus almost always unexpected and unwanted. For example, if you're just recovering from a broken heart. Or when a long relationship a little on the daily grind begins to appear.
There is nothing we can do. It is best to accept that you are infected.

Love comes in different forms. The most devastating form characterized by a strange tickling sensation in the abdomen and an inexplicable attraction. The most extreme form is characterized by drooling, obsessive behavior and froth. Caution! If you start to tremble with excitement when you think of tha…

Saint Nic is back in the country

Dear Bloggers,

The steamship was again recently reported in the Dutch waters.
And it would not be long before Saint Nicholas will again set foot in our little country.
This morning at 06:30 my youngest daughter was waking me up.
Asking if she could go downstairs to have breakfast.

I mumbled: “Yeah, yeah that's fine.” All of a sudden I realize that she is up so early because Saint Nicholas is arriving today.
She is of course afraid that she will mis it.
When I am coming downstairs the television is on and she is sitting in front of it.
I explain to her that we have plenty of time to eat breakfast as the live broadcast will start at noon.
She looks at me like I am a lunatic, but today I am saved by the morning news programme.
One of their subjects is as you can guess the arrival of Saint Nicholas in the Netherlands today.

It is not much that she is eating this morning, there are so many things going on in her head.
Finally the clock is telling the right time and the rest o…

Kerstman VS. Sinterklaas vechten

Who is the good guy?
Saint Nicholas or Santa Claus

Sunday and having the blues

Dear Bloggers,

It's Sunday morning and the rest of the world is in a deep rest.
When I open the curtains it is foggy outside. if you can see 50 meter it is a lot.
I slander into the kitchen and spread a few pieces of bread and enjoy my simple breakfast.
The feeling comes over me, I slowly slip away into isolation.
I am feeling less and less at home in this village and this house.
The feeling of lonelyness crawls over me again.
I turn on the radio and pop music today can not tempt me, I change to a station with classical music.
I enjoy the serenity as nobody is around and I turn on the heating.

Yet I get the cold not out of my system.
I realize that I do not that much lately and I am not as positive as in previous years.
I desperately wander lazily and in deep thought through the house.
I decide to turn on the washingmachine to get the last bits of this weeks laundry.
I just think of the past and I'm sitting down in the pantry to watch the spinning machine.

Gently I dream away …