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Clearing the attic… gets your mind cleared as well?

Dear Bloggers,

“A clean attic is the sign of clear mind.” When the attic is clean there’s room for new things, and it just feels better. I asked myself the question am I happy with my situation now? I find as I get older, I have to consciously question my own beliefs and attitudes, and not just mention how I do things. Tai chi is not the only thing that gets me thinking this way, but it’s a big part of it. As I advance in my skills I find my teacher and my master keep correcting me in small ways. They constantly have me looking at how I’m doing things.

The really interesting part of this is that I sometimes notice big differences when I change little things.
I start slowly but surely to move in the right direction.

As it is not only the body but also the mind that needs to relearn how to work in harmony again.
That the body needs to take it a bit slower does not specifically mean that the mind should.
It is like following a young and full energetic child. My body is the parent that is so t…

Back to work

Dear Bloggers,

I developed fibromyalgia in januari 2007 when I was a 40-year-old receptionist working under extreme pressure and deadlines for a busy ferry company. I averaged about 6-7 hours of sleep a night due to job stress, coupled with a life-long tendency toward insomnia. I had also been under a great deal of personal stress for many years. I would try to catch up my rest by sleeping 7-8 hours a night on the days that I was free, but the family life would not let me. After a few years of this, I suddenly developed a pain in my lower back and especially shooting pains in my arms, hands and fingers. My muscles felt tight and inflamed, and I was physically exhausted. I wanted to work less in the near future and change to another job, but I had to keep on working to pay the bills.
I had no idea what was wrong with me. I consulted many doctors--neurologists, orthomolecure therapists, fysiotherapists, chiropractors, rheumatologists, doctors of internal medicine, etc. Each one had a dif…

End of the summer holiday

Dear Bloggers,

If central Netherlands will also go back to school, the Northern part already started again for at least two weeks. They are learning reading: With the words Me, moon, rose. And they learn to multiply and add. Two weeks is often the case? A period that children, especially infants get a small decline in fatigue and mood. The first few weeks and they are getting up happy, when they are clean and brushed waiting at the door when you call them once to go to school, then suddenly there is more and more that they take it slow and they start crying at the farewell. I often heard the question lately how you can support your child when they go back to school. Obviously, every child and family is different, here are some collected opinions: Specifically: Tell what you know: the teachers name, This is your class, this is your seat and in the circle. Here we hang your coat on, and look here is the bathroom. If the clock tells..., I come and pick you up.(babysitter, caretaker at sch…

A recycled holiday ???

Dear Bloggers,

Yes, it was that time of the year again, time to break out of the daily atmosphere and go on holiday.
Although I have to admit that this time it would be different then former years.
Normally I was the one pulling the wagon and being active all the time.

These days are history and I was not looking forward to go on holiday as I am being tired quite a lot.

But I was pretty surprised that my kids simply did their things and we only had to guide them a little bit. That is also one of the big plusses of having everything inclusive so they can get everything themselves. As the staff is used to Dutch speaking guests the kids can simply manage themselves.

I am very happy man as I really got the chance to relax, my kids hung out with the entertainers and during the day we had all the time of the world in the park, as we had a few days to explore it. So for me there was only the stress of travelling to the park, but the navigation system guided us clearly to our destination.

We checked…