End of the summer holiday

Dear Bloggers,

If central Netherlands will also go back to school, the Northern part already started again for at least two weeks.
They are learning reading: With the words Me, moon, rose.
And they learn to multiply and add.
Two weeks is often the case?
A period that children, especially infants get a small decline in fatigue and mood.
The first few weeks and they are getting up happy, when they are clean and brushed waiting at the door when you call them once to go to school, then suddenly there is more and more that they take it slow and they start crying at the farewell.
I often heard the question lately how you can support your child when they go back to school. Obviously, every child and family is different, here are some collected opinions:
Specifically: Tell what you know: the teachers name, This is your class, this is your seat and in the circle. Here we hang your coat on, and look here is the bathroom. If the clock tells..., I come and pick you up.(babysitter, caretaker at school) at the entrance. Avoid big and exciting stories what they do and learn. That comes later.
Specifically 2, after school: Keep your questions short and limited, how was it? It is difficult for a young elementary school child to respond. Easier when you have something concrete to ask like: I see paint on your pants, have you been making something? Or: Fridays you've always have gymnastics and which teacher is going with you? Do you like it (or is it stupid!) what you do with gym? What games do you on the playground? Was that the story of a frog or a horse this morning the teacher was telling? What was that frog doing? The first time it is very difficult for any child to tell what is happening and what he or she experiences. Give them some space, do not expect too much. Suddenly your daughter says:? you know what I find really dumb? and you have beautiful leads to a good conversation.
Caring:(even with an anxious heart) Larger children suddenly doing more cool things as driving around on bikes. That, after the summer they are suddenly being a huge step further. Show me how you do that?,is the question. You say: I walk behind you and if I think you cross the street next time you can do it on your own?.
Caring 2: Keep it cool at home. Playing with others is fine, but set straight away some limits. Two afternoons per week is really enough. Especially for toddlers. And get them to bed on time!
To get them back into the daily rythm will be the hardest part, and also for myself this will be tricky.

The Old Sailor,


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