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Earth Hour is done for this year

Dear Bloggers,

I am not an environment guru but I think that we can make a difference by switching off the lights, at least to get the idea that we are using a lot of energy.

we are trying to reduce our carbon footprint and live a more sustainable life and it can often feel like an uphill battle with no end in site. For every bottle and can that's recycled, there are ten more thrown in the landfill, and it can be quite frustrating to make the effort without seeing much change.

If you've ever wished you could make a statement about climate change that would make the world sit up and take notice, all you've got to do is turn off the lights.

On Saturday, March 27th at 8.30pm (local time) Earth Hour 2010 will begin, and homes and businesses around the world will extinguish their lights for one hour to create awareness about climate change and demonstrate the powerful affect of a single decision.

Critics of Earth Hour have pointed out that even with millions of people participati…

Video, foto's en toolkit - Earth Hour 2010 - Campagnes Wereld Natuur Fonds - Wat WNF doet -

Hooray it's Spring

Dear Bloggers,

After a long winter with a lot of snow and ice, people are longing for spring weather. When I am waiting in front of the school to pick up my kids, you hear the others whining about the cold weather that we had for weeks. You can read it on everybodies face when the temperatures are rising and we do not need to wear hats and gloves aymore. Ok it is not warm enough to take off the warm winterjacket. When the sun is coming out you see the first ones working in their garden and washing their windows.

Spring is in the air
This week it became finally warmer weather. Finally we could enjoy the rays of the Sun Just look around you, the coming days. Everywhere the hormones start to work again. It is also called Spring Fever. Nature is getting busy. The crows build their nests in the tallest trees. You see the sheep having already the first lambs. The crocuses find their way to the light and the duck is sitting already on her eggs. The planning in the economy is also already made…

Happy Birthday Old Sailor

Dear Bloggers,

It is that time of the year again, soon there is my birthday to celebrate and year 42 is there (that is 15.340 days).
Like every year the discussion starts what should we get you this year.
And funny enough the answer is already there, like always.

This year I get a bunch of flowers as the real thing comes later. But when it comes to surviving middle age, sometimes a man has to lose his bearings to find his way

Ever since Erik Erikson coined the term "midlife crisis" more than 30 years ago, male melancholy around halftime has been poked and prodded. The skeptics believe that the 40s funk is just a self-fulfilling prophecy for self-indulgent guys.
And given all the therapeutic silliness that gets sold as midlife fixes, it's tempting to treat the male willies as a psycho-bunch. Bad idea. Male midlife crisis is a time-honored trough, described by Dante and Shakespeare.

"There are multiple paths through midlife crisis,"at least that is what the ex…

A Schocking Story

Dear Bloggers,

This week I write about fibromyalgia again.And as usual Iam reading on the internet about it.

When I am ending up on one of the forums of Rheumapatients, I am reading too many stories that can bring you down. Also here I find some jolly people, but most of them are quite negativ. When I open one of the subjects, I hardly can believe what I am reading.

It is about a young lady that is not been taken serious by the medical staff. Who are working for the medical unemployment services. She had been sent home with the diagnoses “There is nothing wrong with you, fibromyalgia is not recognized as a sicknes”. It is just something that you have, so learn to live with it. I see it many times that these doctors are not taking it serious.

Also the employers are not wanting to pay for a sickness that is not acknowledged in our country. Unfortunenetly she felt being left out and had the feeling that nobody wanted to understand her pain. Not even her own doctor was believing that fibr…