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Oh no, my computer crashed again.

Dear Bloggers,
If you ever had a total computer system crash, count yourself lucky, because all the gurus say it's not "IF" your computer is going to crash, but "WHEN." Having had three crashes myself over the years, I can confirm that statement. How well you prepare for this inevitability will determine how stressful and costly the crash experience will be.

When my computer’s operating system was fried last week (and not even during the night of Friday the 13th), I braced myself for the stress that was to follow. My computer a laptop was only about three years old and was probably killed accidentally during one of Microsoft's automatic downloads in the middle of the night. The reason given on the "black screen of death" I got the next morning was that perhaps I had temporarily lost my cable Internet connection or the power had failed momentarily during installation of an update or during the reboot. (For that reason, I have now instructed Microsoft…

A "new" car

Dear Bloggers,
It happened two weeks ago that my wife called me and told me that she had an accident with our Volvo V40 which we drove for nearly 13 years and had more than half a million kilometres on the clock. At the traffic lights in Groningen another car reversed full power into the front of our car. 
Our Volvo V40 has gone to carheaven
 It was declared by the insurrance company as a total loss. Bummer now we needed all of a sudden another car and we are not that rich at the moment. So we are using our holiday payment and tax money to find something else. And yes we succeeded. We bought a Volvo V70 from the year 2002. The insurance money is peanuts so that doesn’t help much. I have been on the net for many hours to find us something suitable.

On the net
If we all had our way, every car we ever buy would be brand new; shiny, unmarked, and full of the new car smell. However, the reality is that we're often restricted financially, or circumstances may present us with a second hand c…