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Why do people become so mean?

Dear Bloggers,

Last evening I found myself on the couch hanging out on the Internet with a good friend of mine chatting about various subjects, like our lives, life as a general topic, other people's lives and finally about the people that surround us in all these sophisticated places like pubs, restaurants and where ever we might go. I don't know how it always happens, but every time I go out in a place like that I end up talking about the other clients. And especially how they are treating other people, I am annoyed by the fact that serving staff is considered being garbage or lower class people. Could it be just me or is this an ordinary feature of all people nowadays? 

It suddenly dawned on me that people are more often drawn by criticizing on others than just minding their own business and they are also usually more into being mean and devilish than being nice and polite. My God what is happening to us. Where is the love for each other?

So here I am, in front of my keyboard,…