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My sweet life is ending

Dear Bloggers,

Yesterday morning I had to consult my doctor due to some earlier done bloodtests as my hands have been painful all day long for the last three months. When I phoned two weeks ago for the results the doctor’s assistant advised me to make an appointment after his holidays as there were some matters to discuss about my bloodtest. Today was the day that I made the step into his office, the results kind of overwhelmed me as many wheels had to be set in motion from today on.

My new hobby as I cannot eat them anymore

I was diagnosed as a diabetic type 2 and my cholesterol levels were to high as well. Unfortunately I was not that surprised as diabetics are quite common in my family and I knew that my chances were reasonable to become a diabetic. Still when the doctor tells you this it is a bitter pill. I need to lose weight to get a better Hemoglobin a1c count as this was far too high. F*** my day was spoiled but on the other hand there was an explaination for a lot of funny s…

How do you deal with your environment

Dear Bloggers,

Last week we were watching a local TV soap they talked about environmental problems My youngest daughter all of a sudden spread her eyes wide open and said to me. “If they keep on doing this we will all get killed”. I gathered her into my arms. How could I soothe my daughter? I couldn’t picture myself saying: Don’t worry honey, when we’ve destroyed everything there is nothing else left than to die. I wondered, were other kids of her age also scared? Were we on the edge of disaster? I had to find out.

I started reading articles on the environment and talked to colleagues what their ideas were on these problems. Let me share what I found and figured out.

First, my daughter is not the only one being scared, many children are. A study found that 51 percent of children ages 9 to 17 were “very worried about harming the natural environment.”

Why are children so worried? So pessimistic? I believe that it’s because they are inundated with scary stories about environmental disast…

Pick one: Smartphone or Sex

Dear Bloggers,

Hmmmm.......Honey not now I am so tired of Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Hyves

What did I read last week into the Spits? (a free newspaper like Metro being spread in public areas and public transport)". Young people prefer smartphones over sex. Is this really stated there? I have read it three times before it dawned on me. WhatsApp, Facebook and email we like better than one steamy night between the sheets. I feel totally not addressed by this message. What happened to the duplication game? First of all, I have a smartphone but it is just there in case, and secondly, I like the game of love just a tad higher than mobile internet.
Help wanted, many positions available

But so many of us are so attached to the constant internet connection that it is difficult to take distance of it. Of course it is convenient to have your email within reach, when I am on the bus to check the news (of course during my breaks) and if you get lost a route planner to get you back into the …