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What about 2009

Dear Bloggers,

This will be the last one for the year 2008, in the start of 2009 I will see you again.
I hope that I made your live a little bit more fun through reading my blogs.
Well here is the story.................

I crawled into bed late last night, I did not set my alarm at all, inhaled deeply, curled up with my pillow, and then...was “noiseless” (no engines running and that kind of stuff.) and quiet and snuggled up and wide awake.
I made all this room for a full night's sleep and instead, all I could do was think.
And think and think and think.

Stuck as I am to a daily rhythm I sneaked out of bed quietly, not to wake up anyone else.
I hate myself for this, as I am too impatient to stay in bed and waste my time.

Once thinking over my to do list and panic about how long it takes me to get a few little jobs done, one question lingered in my thoughts, in the dark, as the clock ticked on to the hours past midnight: What about next year?

It didn't feel like a frantic question in my …

A christmas story

Dear Bloggers,

As I am not much of a Christmas fan, but I will tell you a little Christmas story.
After this, I will put the keyboard in the corner for the coming days.
I shall try to write one more just before the end of the year.
Well here the story comes, have some happy holidays and celebrate Christmas how you think it is right.

On a dark, cold and storm full night, that is how it starts.
It was Christmas Eve.
It was snowing, and I was all alone outside, and I have no family.

So, I'm just sitting there, minding my own business, when out of nowhere, someone sits down next to me.
It's a man, I can tell, because he's wearing shorts and his legs are not shaved.
I ignore him.

Then, he decides to speak.
"You shouldn't be out here alone," he said in a soft voice.
His voice was deep, and he had an accent, I guessed north of England somewhere.
I continued to ignore the mystery-man.
"Don't you have somewhere to go?
It's not safe out here.
"I have nowher…

The Christmas feeling.

Dear Bloggers,


All around there are notes that they'll be back in a week or so when the calendar has rolled over.
No such luck is in my mind, where this time of year marks that we have to get it finished before it is too late again.

Sorry I don't do Christmas.
There I said it.
I don't like the holiday.

Santa's last days of Christmas

Materially, I have everything I want.
I have done Christian Christmas and figured out by reading further that this is one of the biggest lies ever told.

If you compare the Christian way to the ancient Egypt’s or Bhoeddist religions (and there are many more of them).
They are basically seen all the same, it is only a matter of how they have been forced into our lives.
Even astrologists have an explanation for it.

How to safe money during the credit crunch

I've noticed that people who say they are experiencing the cheer of the holiday are tensed, sometimes grumpy, and a lot of them are drunk.

I'd be much happier if we could do…

What is on every man's mind

Dear Bloggers,

Every man with a woman knows the duality of relationships.
It is a situation where you get caught in as soon as you are in a steady relationship, when you’re relationship is getting in jeopardy, you go out hunting again.
Even if she's the perfect woman for you, a woman who might be stunningly attractive, most of us feel compelled to look at other women.
As men we are dealing differently with fantasies then women.
We are more visual hunters, and that is the reason why we think so much of sex.
Our brains are simply not hooked to one fantasy and yes, sex sells.

Women don't appreciate this male dilemma.
Oftentimes, they will do everything in their power to discourage it.
Irrational violent mood swings and arguments are their main weapons of choice.

The goal here is to master the art of this type of female appreciation, while keeping it a strictly covert act.
And although the absolute greatest tool for this is no doubt a good pair of sunglasses, wearing them is not a…

End of the year, end of the money.

Dear Bloggers,

Are you scared for your future?
Now our economy is slowly but surely tumbling down, but why are these bankers and economists so surprised? Did it come earlier then they had expected, or don’t they have any common sence? Is it part of the show they have to put up, as the banks cannot pay us out as we have made money out of air for many years. It is the best fairytale ever made.

These questions are running through my head as I have seen the news about our ressesive economy and banks are tumbling down.

And we have all followed the delusion that was created by other human beings that were just a bit smarter then the rest.
It is time to turn our backs towards these crazy ideas, but it is hard to tell it to everybody.
Like a falling guillotine blade, stock markets around the world come crashing down, chopping off the head of the old economy.
Something old is dying so that something new can emerge.
It’s scary but in some ways it’s also a relief.

It seemed like the old economy was t…

Sinterklaas or Santa Claus

Dear Bloggers,

Every year again I have to explain the story about Sinterklaas and I think everybody should know this.
It is simply part of our ancient history and Saint Nicholas is the patron of the sailors, so it is a mistery to me that my fellow sailor's have not more knowledge of the facts and that is why I am going to explain them to all of you.
Let's start with the story how Santa got invented in the new world.

The History of Santa Claus

17th century: Dutch immigrants brought with them the legend of Sinter Klaas.

1773: Santa first appeared in the media as St. A Claus.

1804: The New York Historical Society was founded with St. Nicolas as its patron saint. Its members engaged in the Dutch practice of gift-giving at Christmas.

1809: Washington Irving, writing under the pseudonym Diedrich Knickerbocker, included Saint Nicolas in his book "A History of New York." Nicolas is described as riding into town on a horse.

1812: Irving, revised his book to include Nicolas riding ove…

The ”romantic” wintertime

Dear Bloggers.

As I walked down to a friend of mine who lives close to the harbour, it started snowing.
Which is giving beautiful postcard scenery.
As usual we are drinking coffee and discuss and find solutions for nearly all problems and challenges of this planet, if really needed we will turn the world upside down to get it back into the right direction.
All of a sudden the heating stove was discussed.
Why is it not on?
The problem was that his little firewood shelter was not filled up yet, so there was nothing to burn
I must admit it was not that cold as well.
Of course the remark about putting on the stove was given by a woman, yes they are all stuck with these romantic ideas, the ones I am a bit short of in my latest years (in full panic I realize that I am getting closer and closer to my midlife crises, or maybe something worse.)

My mind was slipping away when I walked back to the ship and it had started snowing heavier.
Memories of my younger years came into my head.
The very cold days in…

Myth busted that women want to have less sex.

Dear Bloggers,

We (me and my spouce) found out after many years that we are completely different and that she is thinking like a woman and I am thinking like a man.

I really start to think how it would be if we would be thinking the same way.
If it comes to the point we are the same, the only difference I can discover is that she is looking for somebody that needs to open up more to her world.
But why doesn't she guide me in the right direction?
I am an idiot if it comes to the romantic part, I must admit I was a lot better at it in my younger days.

I hope I will find my way back, otherwise I might loose the most beautiful thing in life, and of course I still love her with all my heart.
Unfortunate as I am, the men's part of my brain has taken over my female side of the body. (As a lot of men have to admit, I am afraid that we are thinking to much with our dick.)
But that is the problem if you have a women with a lovely body, could you stop thinking of anything else?

I found the follw…