Myth busted that women want to have less sex.

Dear Bloggers,

We (me and my spouce) found out after many years that we are completely different and that she is thinking like a woman and I am thinking like a man.

I really start to think how it would be if we would be thinking the same way.
If it comes to the point we are the same, the only difference I can discover is that she is looking for somebody that needs to open up more to her world.
But why doesn't she guide me in the right direction?
I am an idiot if it comes to the romantic part, I must admit I was a lot better at it in my younger days.

I hope I will find my way back, otherwise I might loose the most beautiful thing in life, and of course I still love her with all my heart.
Unfortunate as I am, the men's part of my brain has taken over my female side of the body. (As a lot of men have to admit, I am afraid that we are thinking to much with our dick.)
But that is the problem if you have a women with a lovely body, could you stop thinking of anything else?

I found the follwing things by strawling through the web and foud the following issues, that I thought as a man to be worth mentioning.

Bachelors might have sex on their minds more than their single female counterparts, but once in a committed relationship, men and women have similar attitudes toward the act, a new study finds.

Past studies, the scientists pointed out, have shown that compared with women, men are more sexually permissive, endorse casual sex at higher rates and masturbate more often.
And even in dreamland, men are from Mars and women from Venus. A recent study showed men were more than twice as likely as women to report dreams about multiple sex partners.

Sexual feelings

While women placed more emphasis on the emotional aspects of sex, men focused more on the physical side of sex.
Men were much more likely to find sex personally and physically pleasurable, while women were more likely to think sex violates social taboos.
Thoughts often turn into actions. “Sexually restrictive gender roles too often become self-fulfilling prophecies because women know that they are expected to be less sexual than men, “and men know that they are expected to be more sexual than women.”

Men gave much higher ratings for risky sexual behaviors, such as “I should have sex with as many people as possible,” than women.
And women were more apt to endorse waiting longer and not engaging in premarital sex.

When Mr. Right shows up, however, women ditch society-imposed gender roles, warming up to sexual pleasures, the researchers found.
In the context of an intimate relationship, both genders expressed that sex was important as a way to bring couples closer, to help maintain healthy relationships and to increase one’s self confidence.

“People in romantic relationships give more importance to their own feelings and their partners’ than they do to social expectations about sexual behavior,”

Hmm... It is about time to change somethings in my head, maybe it is not too late yet.
But I really hate butterflies in my stomach.

The Old Sailor,


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