The contrasts in live.

Dear Bloggers,

It came to me, when I was at the local chinese restaurant to get some take away food for me and my family.
As I live in the country we are having quit firm types of women.

It is not that they are extremely big or fat, it is the whole picture that they not really fit in.
If you see the chinese people next to them, compared to them we are all big in length and a bit fatter if it comes to the model of the person.
And I must say they are all working hard together, but admit it looks a bit silly anyway. (for me it is just a great peace of humor, and there is not much to laugh about in this world at the moment.)
In todays cultural mix it is nothing strange anymore, if I just go back to my youth about thirty years ago.

I remember that I was kind of impressed when I saw the first dark skinned person, as we only knew them from illustrations in books and comics. (a lot of wrong impressions)

Now we are even see relationships between different cultures, and that is a good thing.
Only thing I do not understand is that some cultures are not adapting to the community were they live. It would give more peace if people had to do that as they have made the choice to leave their own country, to find a better live elsewhere.
Even people that had to escape their own country, because the regime would otherwise kill them.

The freedom of what we believe in or choice of religion is no problem at all, although we should not abuse the fact that we are different then the native community.
I will not say that the natives know best, but at least it could be studied by the religic leaders instead of kicking against the other religions. It is not a championship between the gods as the Greeks have believed for ages, after a while they figured out that this was not the right way.

We can do what we want and we can get a relationship with anyone we want.
If of course it is ethically accepted by the majority of the community.
I think every person has the right to make their own choices and mistakes and that it should be possible to learn from your mistakes as well. As every one has the free choice to believe in something that is fullfilling your personal wishes.


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