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Spring is in the air

Dear Bloggers,
If your weather is anything like mine, it certainly doesn't feel like spring is in the air. But that's okay! The rain is pooring down and lightning strikes in the area. We had some nice spring days already with temperatures above 20 degrees Celcius. So I am sure to warm things up for you!

Spring has always been traditionally linked with romance, and for a good reason. Flowers bloom as the ground thaws out, and as the temperatures rise, we're ready to go out and do something. Falling in love is always a popular item on the list. Even if you're already coupled up, spring is a wonderful time to discover new experiences with your partner! Nature is beautiful when the sun is out, even in the city

After mowing the garden this week, I sat down made myself a nice cup of coffee and picked a novelle from the bookshelf. Sitting there hearing the birds sing and enjoying the sunshine. If you are dreaming away sitting in your backyard with a romantic novelle, picturing …

You might lose thousands when refinancing your mortgage

Dear Bloggers,
When you and your spouce get into the adventure of buying property you need to borrow some money if you are a regular Joe like me and no I did not marry a rich chick like Paris Hilton. So you end up at a bank (too expensive and complicated as I didn’t have a regular job.) I am not a financial wizard and yes I must admit my wife understands these things better than I do.

We had just borrowed about two hundred thousand Euros and my question was pretty simple: "How do we pay you back?"

The woman on the other end of the phone, however, couldn't tell me. Ten days had passed since we signed the papers to refinance our home and, with the summer holidays approaching, I was worried our first payment would be late. She tried to soothe me with perhaps the most misunderstood phrase of the refinancing process: "Don't worry. You get to skip a payment."

Had I listened to her, it would have cost us thousands of euros. And if you are one of the millions of homeow…

When is it time to give up the keys?

Dear Bloggers,
This blogs subject is about driving and Parkinson's Disease

As baby boomers age and life expectancy rises, increasing attention is turning on how to determine when and if older people and people with severe health problems should stop driving. This topic is especially important in light of a agtng group in our country as a lot of them are on the search for injury prevention and we should get in control that our elderly people are involved by vehicle injuries. As the number one cause of injury related deaths for people aged 65 to 74, and the number two cause (after falls) of injury

related deaths for those aged 75 to 84. The issue that hits home for people with Parkinson's since both the symptoms of the disease and the medications designed to ease them can affect driving ability. If you are struggling with the decision of whether or not to stop driving, or if you are a caregiver for someone who is wrestling with this problem, this blog may help you explore your opti…