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My good old typewriter

Dear Bloggers,

Yes, you should think your Old Sailor is out of his mind (crazy = mentally ill) because a few days ago I wrote some strange scribbles on this computer, I have writers cramps or a writers block and I walked around with the thought maybe it's time I'll stop writing for a while, but this I have to write this thoughts off from my mind.

Please, hold on for a second and then the lamp will probably fade out forever. No this is not a promise, I am not going to do anything, it's just a subject that matters suddenly and that subject is so tempting that I can not let it go.

In addition to the problems with my computer, I am lying awake about this in the nightly hours, but obviously aside. I had my memory on the run, just to think about the good old time when we used the good old-fashioned typewriter. Do you still know how that was, Dear fellow bloggers? 

Then you just pushed a button and that button put a lever with a letter in mirror image in operation on the end of the l…

My days at Sea ended

Dear Bloggers,

Once again it has been a really long time since I wrote my blog about my old job as a sailor…and I think I have come to realize the I’m just not one of those people who is a very good and regular blogger. Maybe it’s that I try to do my blogs to perfect and I will put too much detail into my posts…then they become too long.

However I did not want to leave this blog as an old sailorman that ended up landbased and would feel incomplete….I've had the feeling that my job at sea all of a sudden had come to an end and I walked around being unemployed and had to go search for a job that wasn't like evryone elses. I felt for awhile that i had failed and unfinished my job that I loved so much. So I decided to do my best and find a new one, A second kind of lasting love….

So here is the short version of whats going on with me now….as I wrote in my former blogs, I started my new job with a temps office and learned how to be a bus driver on commuter busses close to home th…