My good old typewriter

Dear Bloggers,

Yes, you should think your Old Sailor is out of his mind (crazy = mentally ill) because a few days ago I wrote some strange scribbles on this computer, I have writers cramps or a writers block and I walked around with the thought maybe it's time I'll stop writing for a while, but this I have to write this thoughts off from my mind.

Please, hold on for a second and then the lamp will probably fade out forever. No this is not a promise, I am not going to do anything, it's just a subject that matters suddenly and that subject is so tempting that I can not let it go.

In addition to the problems with my computer, I am lying awake about this in the nightly hours, but obviously aside. I had my memory on the run, just to think about the good old time when we used the good old-fashioned typewriter. Do you still know how that was, Dear fellow bloggers? 

Then you just pushed a button and that button put a lever with a letter in mirror image in operation on the end of the lever. That same lever with that letter "punched" first a ribbon that was soaked with ink and finally came to the paper (TICK!). If you wanted to enter a new line for the next sentence, you gave a yank on the big lever and the roll that serves the paper just bumped with a click. 

Without a doubt, I was able to watch this for hours when my wife took a seat behind the machine and typed flawless letters with over 200 hits per minute. Here I am still jealous with. She is ticking with ten fingers at once and I type with up to four fingers at the same time. The writing itself takes me little effort but my thoughts go a lot faster than I am able to type.

I saw this as a simple person with a simple background this all happen.

And how are you doing this now? You push a button and suddenly a letter appears on the screen. But how?!? I always think so how is that letter just the right one? Something like that. Do you have that too? No, you probably do'nt, because you have been using this for so long that you do not even stand still about this anymore. And if that letter does NOT appear, look, I'll get pretty upset, because I will not get it. I will scream and shout to the damn machine and throw things to the screen. Yes, I did not really understand how that letter came there into the first place, so how could I figure out how it will NOT happen again? Can you follow my reasoning a little bit, Dear bloggers? Or should I make little a drawing again?!?

So, what I really wanted to say: if a man has a troubled relation with his computer, then a specialist needs to be found, your whole machine is being in a heap and everything is being overlooked, or maybe even worse, it will be completely emptied and then it will be started up again. It's for a guy like me as if there is an illusionist on the job who makes the big Houdini acts blurred, and it's so cleared and cleaned up that no cat who would find her kittens back in it. Oh, it's on the good Lord's name all a big box of misery.

I've been running around with the vague plans for a few days to follow a computer course after which I could empty my computer or reset my computer myself. A good laugh.(I could not do magic tricks either in my younger years, so this is probably also an illusion or what is it called?) and so in the end it would have everything under control. However, I work in a kind of team system, at which time I am sometimes at 04:30 hrs. there to start my job and then the other week I will be around 02:30 hrs. home.

How do I have to drag it all on board and put it in place, Yes dear bloggers? Good advice is pretty expensive.

I sometimes think seriously about my old typewriter and dig it out of the dirt heaps in the attic where it is covered. Look, that's a good example of getting old! Isn't it, dear bloggers?

The Old Sailor.
(Mechanically thinking person and slightly strange type.)


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