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French for beginners

Dear Bloggers,

Today is one of these days that you think "I wish it was summertime again". Outside the rain is drizzling down mixed with snow. A nasty combination of cold and wet is forcing me to stay indoors. It makes me dream away about better days that the sun was out, and it makes me realize that it is the perfect time to make plans for the coming holidays.

As an old sailor I have travelled the world and I saw many beautiful places on my journey's. I have a lot of ideas of where to go and also where not to go. My memories are flashing back to a few years ago. I was in a not to good position financially and we had a hard time to survive. A good friend of mine Erik suggested to visit his farmhouse in France.

I answered that it was a nice idea and tried to crawl back with the fact that my French was not to good. No problem he said, the younger generation will speak some English. I expressed the idea to my wife and after a discussion about the costs she agreed with me an…

How to get a job?

Dear Bloggers,

Guess what? Yes, I had a talk to a jobcoach this week, but I left the building with the feeling that nobody is waiting for a 42 year old person. It made me think again of starting a small business from home. For me the first question is what is it that I am going to sell? And second thing is a part of it should go to a project in a third world country. What I found most interesting about my way of thinking so far is that it makes you ask yourself the question, "Are you working on your business, or in it?" Anyone who is self-employed can tell you they are probably working in their business.

This is especially true for freelance workers, contractors, or anyone with their own brick and mortar business who does all of the work. When will I take off on my own? That is a good question I just need a good product to sell and my wife needs to back me up. I am thinking of how much happier I would be by working for myself. Grant it, I am very happy. I don't experienc…

Aardbeving Haiti geef nu giro 555 van de samenwerkende hulporganisaties

Let's give the people of Haiti a new start to build up there lives again, The help organisations joined together let us do the same.

Help Haiti now

Dear Bloggers,

Help Haiti now

With updates on an increasingly unimaginable death toll in Haiti coming in hourly, it is time to do something about it. That is why I choose to write a blog for the poorest people in the western hemosphere and I hope that other bloggers will either copy this story or make their own story on it. We are just making it easier for you to find ways to help.

Of course, donations to charitable organizations are desperately needed – but if you can find it in your heart to open your pocketbook even a little wider, there are many ways to give more and get a little good feeling in return.

So, if you’re a reader – keep tweeting, keep texting, and buying! If you’re a blogger – keep posting (and add a banner to a charity – like this one for the Dutch Giro 555 Programme – to your site)!

Nederlandse Rode Kruis
ICCO & Kerk in Actie
Cordaid Mensen in Nood
Terre des Hommes
UNICEF Nederland
Save The Children
World Vision

The least we all can do is spread awareness and gi…

Extreme winter weather

Dear Bloggers,

Snowstorm hits also North of Netherlands it all started yesterday, warnings on the local radio to stay indoors if you do not need to go out.
At this moment it finally stopped snowing and the wind is slowly calming down, severe weather conditions and busses stopped running.

It is still winter and it reminds me of my childhood, the weatherforecast is predicting a snowstorm.
When I was a young bloke in 1979 we had similair kind of weather only difference was that it had been raining the day before and this iced up the roads, on top of that it started snowing and the wind was gusting which resulted in snowdunes with a height of more then three metres.

KNMI initially expected that the inconvenience to the south would be limited, but gradually the sky was closing, while the hard east wind was very unpleasant. In the far south the rainfall started around noon as rain. A few hours later, the first major rainfall in the river area, but as rain and occasional snow flakes. The ave…

The impatient consumer

Dear Bloggers,

I was surprised how quick the internet is being filled with shops and their sales are growing by the minute.
It is the new way of life for many people a few years ago you had the success of Tele shopping they where advertising on homeshopping chanels and you could place your order by phone.

Even some famous people where lending their face (in exchange for money of course.) to these exorbitant kind of commercial advertising. Things have changed rapidly. No more irritating happy smiling homeshopping hosts as their days seem to be counted. We are shopping more and more on the internet.

I am one of them and I shop with the bigger ones if it comes to catlogue sellers like Wehkamp or Neckermann where you can buy from clothes to electronics, or if you need a good book or cd. If I need anything special musicwise I will turn to the Musicstore site. Every now and then I will bid on some goodies on E-bay or the Dutch site Marktplaats. If I need to buy computerstuff I will…