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I was surprised how quick the internet is being filled with shops and their sales are growing by the minute.
It is the new way of life for many people a few years ago you had the success of Tele shopping they where advertising on homeshopping chanels and you could place your order by phone.

Even some famous people where lending their face (in exchange for money of course.) to these exorbitant kind of commercial advertising. Things have changed rapidly. No more irritating happy smiling homeshopping hosts as their days seem to be counted. We are shopping more and more on the internet.

I am one of them and I shop with the bigger ones if it comes to catlogue sellers like Wehkamp or Neckermann where you can buy from clothes to electronics, or if you need a good book or cd. If I need anything special musicwise I will turn to the Musicstore site. Every now and then I will bid on some goodies on E-bay or the Dutch site Marktplaats. If I need to buy computerstuff I will go to Amazon and find it there and it is so addictive. The ones I have mentioned are the really big shots if it comes to media, but I also enjoy the smaller sites from the local musician Adri de Boer he is getting more and more famous in the region and he is making nice music, just look at the site it is small but I think it is great.

Not even ten years ago I would buy a televisonguide to find out what is on the coming week also these things I can find on the stations sites as RTL, SBS6 and Veronica are the bigger commercial stations with the better movies, also the latest news you can view on these sites.

Main news about the USA I can follow on the site of CNN and the UK news i will find on the BBC site. Also buying cars is a lot easier as you can give in the brand and whatever your demands are on the site of autoscout24. And of course homes are being found on sites like Funda, even my own home is on there as I got it for sale.

There is only one thing that the internet user from now are getting more and more impatient and if a site is not loading quick enough they simply will not spend any time waiting. That was different a few years ago as there was no fast internet at all and you had to wait until your phone had dailed in. You could make some coffee in the mean time.Just read the article that I found on the Dutch IT commerce website as we are the most impatient Europeans if it comes to internet use.

Internet users are impatient consumers

Many European consumers to find products through a search engine and does not have the patience to click through to the second page of results. This shows a survey by Consumers & Marketers, Digital & Connected (MC DC) in association with IAB Europe. Also from a survey of research commissioned by Brocade Multiscope show that Dutch consumers are very impatient, almost half of the respondents said no longer than twenty seconds to want to wait until a site is loading.

According to the study of MC DC shows that almost all European internet users weekly look at internet for information, most of them which are using internet daily. They are looking for hobbies, personal interests and general news. In addition, many of them sought information about products, services and brands in general. This sixty percent used a search engine. The Internet users are impatient and they expect the most relevant search results to find in the top of the list. Therefore, only 41 percent is looking in the first ten results. Much of them are looking no further than twenty search results.

Social media have great influence on consumer behavior, says the review of MC DC. Surfers have a large network and more tools at their disposal. Decisions are often taken after consultation with others, which brands and products are considered before a product is purchased.

Nearly half of the respondents said before buying something will look for information through comparison and reviews. Most consumers will also prefer to shop in the the city or to their actual shop, the investigation shows Brocade. However, the number of consumers who shop online, nearly one third of respondents this year said they purchased more gifts via the Internet than the previous year.

As in the Internet search engine they like quick results, 48 percent of respondents said no longer than twenty seconds to want to wait before advancing to another shop. Nearly one quarter said more than half a minute to wait before they do their shopping somewhere else.

Even when consumers want to shop online is that they are not disturbed, more than 35 percent of the respondents went themselves to the most irritating pop-ups when they were shopping online. It means shoppers (22 percent) do not want to go through several pages before it can be passed to a purchase. A small percentage is even worse even if no image is available for a product.

The European research in sixteen countries of MC DC is an online enquirie. Conducted among 32,000 Internet users. These are two hundred users at six weeks regular quality questioned. Multiscope early commissioned by Brocade three hundred Dutch consumers.

Author: Editorial ITcommercie
Source: ITcommercie

Make your life as easy as possible but do not forget to get some fresh air every day.

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  1. pff, joe make dr wel werk van zeg, met al die actieve plaatjes... ;)

  2. Beste gewebkijk.
    Dat doe ik dan ook niet iedere keer.


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