How to get a job?

Dear Bloggers,

Guess what? Yes, I had a talk to a jobcoach this week, but I left the building with the feeling that nobody is waiting for a 42 year old person. It made me think again of starting a small business from home. For me the first question is what is it that I am going to sell? And second thing is a part of it should go to a project in a third world country. What I found most interesting about my way of thinking so far is that it makes you ask yourself the question, "Are you working on your business, or in it?" Anyone who is self-employed can tell you they are probably working in their business.

This is especially true for freelance workers, contractors, or anyone with their own brick and mortar business who does all of the work. When will I take off on my own? That is a good question I just need a good product to sell and my wife needs to back me up. I am thinking of how much happier I would be by working for myself. Grant it, I am very happy. I don't experience any of the stress or the long commute. I once did, however, I basically have traded one job for another, except now I have much more freedom in terms of time and choosing who to work with.

Now I am working on freedom from doing all of the work. I rather work on my business instead of in it. When you become self-employed, you also take on multiple roles. You become the project manager, the technician, marketer, and any other task that is needed to keep your business going. Many self-employed individuals actually find themselves working more hours than they had at a previous job. The only difference is that you can devide your hours better.

Like myself, what used to be your passion becomes your downfall. I used to really enjoy web developing but now I view it as a chore. I used to enjoy reading about programming and learning new techniques. I'd make websites for fun and learning. The passion is gone.

I know I lost the desire for my work because my body totally gave up on me and I must admit that I had a hard time to get myself back in the saddle. And even I changed my lifestyle, my rythm one thing will never change I'll guess I will do it all on my own. Outsourcing is not an option for me due to the fact that I am just not able to give the work to someone else. My passion now lies in affiliate marketing and network marketing. Both are exciting and both will create hopefully residual streams of income. Best of all, there will be clients to answer to.

My goal is to actually move away from the labor and create revenue streams that allow me to be free to do the things I want. If you are finding yourself in the same boat, maybe it is time to start already now before you get unemployed. I think it is the right time to start as the economy is slowly crawling up again.

The Old Sailor,



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