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Illusions Of Love

If you find out that love is an illusion, you don't need words. The music is enough.

The Old Sailor,


Dear Bloggers,

Unfaithful is the word of the day.

(This is my greatest fantasy, the girl of all my erotic dreams)

“Well? Tell me! What would you do?”
(this discussion started when we talked about sexual hunting feelings, my opponent is everything I am not "Young, free an single")
These are my questions to my opponent.
The subject is committing adultery and more people are showing up to give their opinion.
The small talk about this subject turned all of sudden into the talk of the day.
“Would you tell it?” someone is asking.
With no doubt I say: "Yes, I would tell her."

I get up and walk away from the group.
“What the hell is going on” I wonder why this is so important to them, are they afraid that their own partner might do the same?

And is that not partly their own fault, women are strange in that way.
“What would you do?” someone all of a sudden asks.
“If you would see a friend of you kissing someone else?”
Straight forward as I am, I answer: “I will warn him about what this mi…

We should enjoy life

Dear Bloggers,

As usual I have quite a happy way to go through live.

It is only such a shame that I am thinking sometimes that I am the only one that can take nearly every situation as a realist.
If you being over 80 years old, than you should be able to think and accept that not all the things are so flexible as in your 20’s.
But yeah I am not a person that can stand melancholic people that think that the doctors can fix everything.
There is a time for everybody that you come to the end of your life journey. Everyone will end his life one day and whatever the cause might be.
If you are getting a bit older you have brought already a few family members or friends to "the fiddler's green".
I question myself sometimes: why have elderly people not adjusted themselves on the fact that a journey to the hospital by ambulance could be the last journey in life. Why is the human being so persistent to survive?
Over and over I am thinking "this could be the last one, if my wife c…

Parade of the bums

Dear Bloggers,

As I am only home for a short period, we had to go shopping on a Saturday.
And that is definetly not my favourite hobby, as you get pretty irritated by pensioners that have to pick up their social lives and block in the mean time with their shopping carts the alleyway.
Another thing with them is that can hold up the cue with counting out all their cents at the till.
Further there are mothers with children, which she can not handle on her own, as they are screaming and running through the shop.
And these are absolutely the spoiled kids, and I just wonder what is daddy doing at this moment?
Is he like me not home, or is he not willing to go with his family.
He was only the producer of the seed to make these little monsters, but she was the only one that wanted to have kids.
So that is why daddy is sleeping in, and she does not dare to fight him.
She still loves him, but something inside her is telling her that she is not fully happy with her live.
Ok, he is having a great i…

It is autumn and gnomes have no place to live

Dear Bloggers,

Outside the weather is miserable and soon they are coming back from the coffee shops, were they hardly sell coffee but magic mushrooms are the thing to buy.
As the gnomes did not have any shelter problems during the summertime. It now all of a sudden gets dangerous on the paths of fairytale forest.

With brutal force the gnomes fight eachother to find a place to live.
My backyard looks like little Sarajevo, every day I have to collect the dead gnomes from my garden, as these pictures are not to nice for my youngest daughter.
It is not only in my backyard happening it is all over.

As it was beautiful weather later today, I jumped on my bike and toured a little bit with my kids.
When we stopped for a break and sat down on the bench, you could hear the machineguns rattling in the distance.

A battlefield in fairytale forest as the need for housing becomes bigger day by day.
As we travel on we have to wait at the gnome crossing as hundreds of them march to the battlefield, with grum…

What is the meaning of life?

Dear Bloggers,

This very deep questions were hitting me, it just came over me: "What is the meaning of our lives" and "Why are we here?"
I started thinking about these questions, when we had to practise a terror act drill.
It is still kind of strange to me that these people feel that they are the chosen ones, who is telling them this kind of crap?
You must be pretty crazy or brainwashed to blow yourself up.
At least you must have a pretty miserable live, with nothing in it
Every person needs to believe in to something in life

That they are really excist and handle like this in the name of a higher power.
It is strange that they believe on the other hand that everything was made by him,
and also that they are promised to go to heaven, hmm I always have been wandering if rapists and murders go to heaven?

I admit that every person has in life some challenges crossing their path.
But I must say: some are getting more challenges than the other, what is in my opinion also strange.…