What is the meaning of life?

Dear Bloggers,

This very deep questions were hitting me, it just came over me: "What is the meaning of our lives" and "Why are we here?"
I started thinking about these questions, when we had to practise a terror act drill.
It is still kind of strange to me that these people feel that they are the chosen ones, who is telling them this kind of crap?
You must be pretty crazy or brainwashed to blow yourself up.
At least you must have a pretty miserable live, with nothing in it
Every person needs to believe in to something in life

That they are really excist and handle like this in the name of a higher power.
It is strange that they believe on the other hand that everything was made by him,
and also that they are promised to go to heaven, hmm I always have been wandering if rapists and murders go to heaven?

I admit that every person has in life some challenges crossing their path.
But I must say: some are getting more challenges than the other, what is in my opinion also strange.
As everyone should be equal.
I just see it like this, we are in a way all the same from what culture are religion that does not matter.
Because at the day that we are born we all appeared butt naked on this planet and we all had to learn how to walk, how to talk.
And even though we are not all getting old and we die in a thousand different ways.
There will always be a few that mis you and remember you.
As we have gathered a lot of stuff, to make our life less miserable.
There is actually really nothing that we can take with us.

My final thought of it is:" We are coming with nothing and we are leaving with nothing."
So where is it all good for?
You can work hard, you can live your life with your heart filled with love and we are all hoping for better times.
Let us hope that someone out there is loving you with all her heart.
And that you never have to doubt or worry about the on you are depending on.

But if the time comes, that you are sailing to your final destination.
If you drop your anchor and your engine stops, you are there in silent harbour, waiting rusty until your time has past.
Ask yourself the question: "Was your life worth it?
If the answer is no it is never to late to go and get a live.

I am not forcing anyone, but I will stick these very basic things in live:
“Live life as long it is there, pray for less fights, spend your last money on a drink and fuck if your life is depending on it.”
A brighter light might be on the horizon, also for you.

The Old Sailor,


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