We should enjoy life

Dear Bloggers,

As usual I have quite a happy way to go through live.

It is only such a shame that I am thinking sometimes that I am the only one that can take nearly every situation as a realist.
If you being over 80 years old, than you should be able to think and accept that not all the things are so flexible as in your 20’s.
But yeah I am not a person that can stand melancholic people that think that the doctors can fix everything.
There is a time for everybody that you come to the end of your life journey. Everyone will end his life one day and whatever the cause might be.
If you are getting a bit older you have brought already a few family members or friends to "the fiddler's green".
I question myself sometimes: why have elderly people not adjusted themselves on the fact that a journey to the hospital by ambulance could be the last journey in life. Why is the human being so persistent to survive?
Over and over I am thinking "this could be the last one, if my wife calls that grandpa is in the hospital again."

But every time the surprising news is coming that he is getting better and can go back home again.
My question is: What is the quality of life?
The life is not always a rose garden en living happily ever after is also a fully milked out product.
I have known a time myself that I rather saw life going instead of facing another day filled with horrible thoughts and memories.
To me life is like a brutal child, which you love anyway.
I have never thought, that could ban these bad thoughts.
But I succeeded to get them far into the back of my head.
I do not have the illusion that I am going to be very old.
I am living life how it comes and day-by-day, I am not planning things very far ahead.
My way of thinking is: Who lives now has no need to complain later in life that he or she did not do anything because they saved for their pension.
When my time has come, a few persons will grief about you and probably miss you, but I am hoping one thing, that they will not grief forever.

You don’t have to be forgotten but with the years the memory is placing you in the background and of course the world did not stop turning and life is going on for all the other human beings.
They just carry on with the things they were.
Everybody can be replaced, although we think that we cannot be missed.

”Live life as long it is there, pray for less fights, spend your last money on a drink and fuck if your life is depending on it.”

The Old Sailor,


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