The ”romantic” wintertime

Dear Bloggers.

As I walked down to a friend of mine who lives close to the harbour, it started snowing.
Which is giving beautiful postcard scenery.
As usual we are drinking coffee and discuss and find solutions for nearly all problems and challenges of this planet, if really needed we will turn the world upside down to get it back into the right direction.
All of a sudden the heating stove was discussed.
Why is it not on?
The problem was that his little firewood shelter was not filled up yet, so there was nothing to burn
I must admit it was not that cold as well.
Of course the remark about putting on the stove was given by a woman, yes they are all stuck with these romantic ideas, the ones I am a bit short of in my latest years (in full panic I realize that I am getting closer and closer to my midlife crises, or maybe something worse.)

My mind was slipping away when I walked back to the ship and it had started snowing heavier.
Memories of my younger years came into my head.
The very cold days in winter we had, the afternoons you returned from a long ice skating tour on the lakes that were lying around the village and they were all frozen
The days we removed the snow from the path to the house where a very old lady lived as she was our neighbour. If needed people could reach her door.
After doing the hard job, you got a chocolate as payment.

Sitting with the whole family around the stove or gas heater to warm up after a cold day.
These kinds of winters are over, I am afraid and I think it is a shame.
As these winter days brought a lot of intimacy and solidarity.
In these days a lot of people are drowning in their own selfishness and it becomes a major thing.

When I go back 20 years in time: We were hanging out together either at the pub or at some friends home, playing card games and had a good time
We enjoyed on these winter days a hot chocolate with brown rum (Captain Morgan) and finished with a top of real whipped cream.

Those were the days that you wish they would return.
I guess it will be a bit of a strange picture in today’s world.
All they are sitting around the stove or fire place.
One is playing with his mobile
Two is playing with his video game.
Three is just sitting there and stares into the flames and complains that they make you so tired.
And four is keeping the stove going and tries to make conversation, but is not very successful.

Dear Youngsters,
Please get out of your digital world, as we are all screwed by the super producers and they only have one goal they want to take all your money.
Take my advice please do not buy that latest game, but go out and explore the world.
Save some money and end up in a cheap and shitty hotel in a major city like London, Paris or were ever you wanted to go. Live you’re live before it is too late.

”Live life as long it is there, pray for less fights, spend your last money on a drink and fuck if your life is depending on it.”

The Old Sailor,


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