The Christmas feeling.

Dear Bloggers,


All around there are notes that they'll be back in a week or so when the calendar has rolled over.
No such luck is in my mind, where this time of year marks that we have to get it finished before it is too late again.

Sorry I don't do Christmas.
There I said it.
I don't like the holiday.

Santa's last days of Christmas

Materially, I have everything I want.
I have done Christian Christmas and figured out by reading further that this is one of the biggest lies ever told.

If you compare the Christian way to the ancient Egypt’s or Bhoeddist religions (and there are many more of them).
They are basically seen all the same, it is only a matter of how they have been forced into our lives.
Even astrologists have an explanation for it.

How to safe money during the credit crunch

I've noticed that people who say they are experiencing the cheer of the holiday are tensed, sometimes grumpy, and a lot of them are drunk.

I'd be much happier if we could do some spontaneous carol-singing and ho ho ho'ing in January or May or September.

Out Hunting, best day ever

By moving around I've lessened the effect of the holiday on my existence; it used to be, when I was younger and did not know that much about the backgrounds, that a full two weeks of the year were spent in fake joy.
Now I've got it down to just a few days.

He does not really exist was the first disappointment, after that the Christmas feeling started to crumble down.
(All parents are the same; they all lie to their kids and tell them not to.)
I have a job to do, celebrate with my family, and of course great food.

I want to lose some weight, get some colour in my face, and surprise people who don't expect much, but that has too wait until the next year.
And while I don't like Christmas, I do like the New Year's.

Instead of celebrating the birth of a "king" over 2000 years ago,I would have more with a queen.(All I want for Christmas is ...... , please fill in your own text as it is your present).
Oh I got carried away again, and yes a dirty mind is a joy forever.

So let's raise a glass in remembrance of 2008, and in expectation of 2009

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,
Even if you do something silly in these days do it save.
Otherwise you might and up with unexpected or unwanted relationship gifts.

The Old Sailor,


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