Pick one: Smartphone or Sex

Dear Bloggers,

Hmmmm.......Honey not now I am so tired of Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Hyves

What did I read last week into the Spits? (a free newspaper like Metro being spread in public areas and public transport)". Young people prefer smartphones over sex. Is this really stated there? I have read it three times before it dawned on me. WhatsApp, Facebook and email we like better than one steamy night between the sheets. I feel totally not addressed by this message. What happened to the duplication game? First of all, I have a smartphone but it is just there in case, and secondly, I like the game of love just a tad higher than mobile internet.

Help wanted, many positions available

But so many of us are so attached to the constant internet connection that it is difficult to take distance of it. Of course it is convenient to have your email within reach, when I am on the bus to check the news (of course during my breaks) and if you get lost a route planner to get you back into the right direction. But did you miss it five years ago? Mobile internet has become more accessible in recent years but I don’t miss it at all.

Cell phone with camera and vibrating function

My phone dates back to the era that law enforcers were riding horses and ships were made of wood. For now I'm still not going to admit that I really need to have a smartphone. If I do not know the way I will ask it to someone that passes by, on the bus I read a newspaper and I check my mail when I am at home. Call me old fashioned but I do not have to be online constantly. I do not need 100 different ways to stay in touch.

phoning was not that complicated

Before I was hooked to my good old fashioned Nokia blabberbox, ok it had the measurements of a fridge and was heavy like a army radio set. It was a safe kind of phone and impossible to destroy. (it committed suicide several times by jumping of the shelf on high seas but never had a scratch) All of sudden last year unexpectedly shortly it blew out its last monophonic tones, CPR was to late and in the phone hospital they could only transplant some of the memory into a new phone. I had to say good bye and with pain in my heart exchanged him for for a high-tech smartphone from HTC. I am slowly getting used to it.

We all need a hobby, I have an internet free room

But sweet blog readers, there's nothing like a sultry, passionate and steamy night. I'd rather lie beside a slender blonde with an appetizing figure than I wake up next to a smartphone. So be it that I am not in contact with the outside world for a while. It even appears that a lot of young people need about half of month’s salary to stay online. So we walk just past that sexy blonde or that irresistible man with medium length hair. That is so bloody wrong, and also actually spending a hell lot of money to stay in touch with your friends. Where is the logic part in this?

I only use half of all these functions

I think my opinion is clear! I'm not so dependent on a smartphone that I cannot miss it for two weeks. Sex is not the most important thing in life but it is a great way of spending some free time. What about you? Are you so badly attached to a mobile phone with internet that you have no sex for two weeks about? Hmmm........ I'm curious!

The Old Sailor,


  1. Goedenavond Old Sailor,

    Ik gebruik al 13 jaar een rode Nokia 3310,
    nog nooit stuk geweest zelfs de batterij niet,
    heb al een paar keer een andere gehad maar gebruik ze niet,
    Tsja het is maar waar je van houdt he.
    Denk dat deze informatie wel voldoende is toch ;p

    groetjes que.

  2. Geachte Vrouwe Que,

    Met zo'n oud toestel moet u wel gelukkig zijn in de liefde.

    The Old Sailor,

  3. Tsja ;-))

    fijn weekend,
    groetjes que.


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