A Schocking Story

Dear Bloggers,

This week I write about fibromyalgia again.And as usual Iam reading on the internet about it.

When I am ending up on one of the forums of Rheumapatients, I am reading too many stories that can bring you down. Also here I find some jolly people, but most of them are quite negativ. When I open one of the subjects, I hardly can believe what I am reading.

It is about a young lady that is not been taken serious by the medical staff. Who are working for the medical unemployment services. She had been sent home with the diagnoses “There is nothing wrong with you, fibromyalgia is not recognized as a sicknes”. It is just something that you have, so learn to live with it. I see it many times that these doctors are not taking it serious.

Also the employers are not wanting to pay for a sickness that is not acknowledged in our country. Unfortunenetly she felt being left out and had the feeling that nobody wanted to understand her pain. Not even her own doctor was believing that fibromyalgia is real, and actually let her down.

Her pain became in many ways unbearable. When she was home on sick leave last week, she took her own live. Her family is totally devastated but they are greatful and thankful to the writers on the forum. Here she found people that understood most of her promlems and were giving some plain advices out of there own experience.

She stepped out of this life without any pre warning on the age of twenty-six. For a while I have been speechless anf tears were burning. How hard can it be for a doctor to acknowledge this crazy sickness. There should be more known about it especially by medical staff.

What a shame that absolutely nobody saw this coming and hardly anybody was understanding her. This has been hell on earth for her, now it is that for her parents and everybody else that loved her. I wish them a lot of strength in this bitter loss and to get through this darkest hour of their life.
Here you see that life is brutal and I will need some medication to calm myself down.

The Old Sailor,


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