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Dear Bloggers,

So far I am spared trom the swine flu. Some time ago I was infected with a virus and I stil suffer from it, it was appearing with light headed feelings including a ticklish belly (read: butterflies) and constant daydreaming. There are a number of adverse reactions: spontaneous gaiety, a hollow heart beaten, concentration problems and daydreaming.

Indeed, I am talking about the infamous love.

Love is just like any other virus almost always unexpected and unwanted. For example, if you're just recovering from a broken heart. Or when a long relationship a little on the daily grind begins to appear.
There is nothing we can do. It is best to accept that you are infected.

Love comes in different forms. The most devastating form characterized by a strange tickling sensation in the abdomen and an inexplicable attraction. The most extreme form is characterized by drooling, obsessive behavior and froth. Caution! If you start to tremble with excitement when you think of that person. This last form is really very dangerous. If you recognize this? Please contact as soon as possible your doctor.

Between these extreme variations are listed a variety of forms. Fortunately, the most violent form, but rare.
Infatuation can also start at the first stage and subsequently develop. I find myself already at an advanced stage.
And that it is nothing new but it already is happening for more than 16 years
If the love is mutual, this can result in true love. (This stage I have reached now.) If the love is only coming from yourself it can lead to a broken heart. (And now it will be difficult.) I have the impression that it is not always two-way and why? Has she no longer fear to lose me?

Love can be contagious! If the person is looked deep in the eye and sparks of fire would jump over, it might happen sometimes that sparks shoot back to you!
There is currently no known cure for love.

So especially enjoy your love. Laugh of the Mexican flu victims from being the whole day in bed with fever and cough, while you climb cheerfully out of bed and want to sing all day!
In short: At the first symptoms hump the object of your affection! A direct admit to in this case is the best medicine. I will do that as well. Also there has been done some scientific research.

The best way for women to have less stress is ... being happily married. Happily married couples as domestic work and care for the children are devided and will take the pressure off on womensshoulders. And less stress equals a better night's sleep.
The key is to stress hormone cortisol, released during a stressful period. morning cortisol level is high, and the level is going down slowly but surely during the day.

Women who can come home in a loving environment after work,can easier come to rest after work. Add to that a balanced distribution of responsibilities at home and it is clear that much stress is away. The key word is rather "good relationship" than married.
For women in bad relationships has not. After a busy day, they still have to start the household tasks and then there will be stress. Late at night they are still busy and when they go to bed, they are still worried. The result is that the stressed woman will ly awake and will suffer from sleep. Final conclusion is, therefore, help each other.

Take good care of your relationship. Make arrangements with your partner in connection with the household chores, the children ...
Talk to your partner enough about your relationship. If there is something on your mind, it is better to talk about rather than to gather up everything.

The Old Sailor,


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