If you are old, you should not do these things

Dear Bloggers,

I fell over skating at the Natural Ice rink close to my home at the end of the day of the 8th of januari.
After a few hours my hand started swelling up and I called the doctor’s office and they asked me to come down.
I took my bycycle and took off, a painful experience and I could hardly get my glove of my wrist when I arrived.

Due to a miscommunication among the doctor’s and drouzed by a mix of endorfines and painkillers, I had been waiting for about an hour.
The doctor apolagized and started to diagnose my hand and wrist.
As she was not 100% sure, I consequently ended up in the Emergency room at the Hospital of Heerenveen on a cold winter's evening where a sprained wrist was diagnosed and treated.

The long wait at Emergency room was to be expected but nonetheless was pretty unpleasant.(3 hours having pain and it was pretty busy)
The service was short-staffed but as always staff were excellent and pleasant in spite of being under enormous pressure.
It would have been more comfortable if the coffee machine was also available for patients, but if you need to be operated you might get sick of it.
My brother in law and I were both very tired after the funny ride we had to the hospital.
As the car broke down on the way, one of the transmission belts snapped.
We called the roadservice and they told us it might take up to an hour before they would reach us.
Not very funny standing next to the highway in the freezing cold, with a painful wrist.
A friendly country man stopped in front of the car and asked if he could help us, and he gave me a lift to the emergency room.

My accident experience continued with week later appointment to the surgeons clinic and after getting the cast off, I was advised to take it easy on my wrist the coming weeks.
After four weeks in total I will be out of plaster and able to start to get back to a normal life!
I am managing well and my wrist function is much better than I ever thought possible so soon after my accident.

I start working again as soon as my shift is coming up and I simply have to take it easy, if I am to enthousiastic my wrist and hand will for sure let me know.
The pain is my guide in this case.
This has been very greatly appreciated as I have two children aged 9 and 4 and I'm employed on easy-to-hire-easy-to fire contract (so not much chance of a sick note leading to time off!).

Overall my experience has been very positive (apart from the emergency room) and I am ever grateful to the hospital for excellent staff who are pleasant, efficient and caring under immense pressure.
Eventhough it was busy there was time to have a good laugh.
(If you loose your sence of humor, you loose everything.)

The Old Sailor,


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