Time to go back to school

The summer is nearly over and the kids need to go back to school, not a single day of their holiday they wanted to sleep in.
But of course today school was starting again and to get them out of bed was a crime.

Strange because six weeks long they were up before seven o’clock in the morning. Yes, all of a sudden we had to get up early and then my little princesses did not want to get out of bed.
All the things in live have a rythm.
At least that is what they say, but I am not a 100% sure about that.
Some days you never get into the rythm, eventhough you would love to.
A family life is not always easy, I must admit that it has it’s beautiful sides.
But some days are pretty heavy, youre not only dealing with the kids but also with your hard working spouce.

There is simply no rest at all in your situation.
If you make the choice to do nothing the world around starts to complain and looks angry at you.
In these kind of situations i envy all the single people.
But let us look on the bright side of life.
Now the kids have gone to school and my wife has gone to work, it is very quiet in the house.
And it is kind of lonely to be home on your own.

There is never a moment to escape from reality, it is always there.
I hope that i can get myself to do something today, as the weather outside is as depressing as my mood.
Of course we going to give it a try, but i am not expecting a lot that will come out of my hands.
I think it is the after-the-summer-holiday-depression-season

The Old Sailor,


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