For all the happy parents

Dear Bloggers,

Here we go with the first blog in English.
On board we can really sense it, the so called holiday atmosphere.
The weather is pretty good and our passengers are in a happy mood.
A big help is that the sea is extremely calm and the only movement you can feel is that we are going forward, although some people are getting motion sickness all the time.
I must admit that all our crew members are very busy at this time of the year.
But we are still having fun.
The only thing that is happening that not all families are as organized as they should be.
And some parents will never understand that there kids are the most precious things they can have in live, even though they can be trouble sometimes.
The poor little things are getting lost on this big ship.
Something I can still not understand is how you can loose a child?

Lucky enough for these parents, we are bunch of caring mums and dads who are working on board to make a living for our families.
So the missing kids are in good hands with us.
We are always finding the parents back, if a child is lost.
When we can find out the child's name the problem is solved quickly.
Unfortunately I must say that the parents from this generation, hardly say "thank you."
We just keep up the good work and get them back to were they belong.

Dear people, be more careful in this cruel world, it is embarrassing that you loose a part of yourself.

The Old Sailor


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