I am beautiful inside

Beautiful women date ugly guys.

And yes I must admit I am one of them, I think it is just the way that we have to live life. Some women that are too picky they will never find a way to keep a man.

Beauty is more important for women than men when it comes to breaking into Tinseltown. An ugly woman who wants to be a superstar virtually doesn’t have a shot; an ugly man only has a slightly harder time making it than his better looking counterparts. Hence, there is a decent amount of ugly men, but there are plenty of good looking women… so when they pair off, some of the better looking women inevitably end up with the not-so-cute guys.

I can’t think of many unfortunate looking women with good looking men.
Of course, there’s that thing called “personality” that often attracts people to one another, but for the sake of analysis, we’ll put good intentioned love aside.

This happens with real people, too. How many times do we look at the wedding pictures of someone else, and see the beautiful bride, and her not-so-much prince on a white horse kind of husband?

Perhaps this happens because women are less critical of men’s bodies than men are of women’s; this is in the sense that, yes, women do nag and complain.
And they are extremely demanding to get attention, men in that case are picky but they are not all loving themselves too much. It means that they will fully go for it but will not drown themselves in tears and stop eating, like a lot of women would do.

Even, look at the respective pornographic magazines aimed towards the genders. The women in Playboy have “perfect” bodies to the point that they don’t look like real women, whereas the models in Playgirl often have little bulges and occasionally excessive body hair.

Perhaps women are genuinely more attracted to a man’s personality, his heart, and his shared interests?
Also, but a not-so-hot man’s money can do a lot of the persuading that his looks can’t.

Has anyone else noticed this?

The Old Sailor


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