A bad hair day

Count all your blessings!!

Dear Blogger,

I just woke up and grinn to my face in the mirror, my hair looks like an exploded pillow.
Oh yes my dear bloggers i am having one of these bad hair days.

When i walk into the bathroom and threaten to wash my hairs, then my three women have taken care of the fact that there are five or six different kinds of shampoo are available.
Everytmie i am in doubt: do i have bold hair or dry hair or do i have in between hair?
If you ever go to the supermarket, just pay attention for once what they have in stock in so many different kinds and brands.

All good news so to say.
I hope that our next generation knows how to handle all this.
For the past decade, people have focused on the importance of clean drinking water. Purified drinking water reduces or eliminates chemicals found in normal tap water. However,the body derives its need for water from alternative sources, most notably while showering.
It is common practice in most of Europe to shower on a daily basis, sometimes more than once.

Unfortunately, most people are unaware that more chlorine is absorbed through the skin during the average shower than by drinking six to eight glasses of tap water. This may make one wonder,how clean is shower water?
Furthermore, chlorine and other water contaminants reduce the effectiveness of many shampoos, conditioners, lotions, oils and skin creams, leaving your skin dry and unnourished.
Any contact the body has with water is cause for concern.
Swimming pools and hot tubs use chlorine to kill bacteria.
Little thought is given to the effect on the human body.
Chlorine is a highly toxic element, which has the ability to denature protein.
All living organisms are made up of protein; so any living organism that comes in contact with sufficient quantities of chlorine is killed.
After swimming or showering you may notice that you have sore eyes, nose blockage, respiratory problems (such as asthma), cracking skin (hands and feet), or dry hair and an itchy scalp.
You may also feel tired and your skin might smell of chlorine for hours afterwards, even after showering.
Do not think I want to keep you away from getting clean by taking a shower, or talking a swim to relax.
But it is worth considering that in my young days, we went swimming in the lake and showered once a week all the other days you just washed yourself.
We were good for our body and saved the environment without knowing it.

Smelly people, live longer due to their higher resistance level.

The Old Sailor,


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