Food Fight in Supermarket

Dear Bloggers,

Hooray it's almost Christmas time and therefore a more elaborate dinner.
If I do go shopping it is obviously seriously crowded in the supermarket and the shop is well prepared for this extra busy days.
I quickly count about twelve young lads who are filling the shelfs.
But it is also logical because the last few days were related to the heaps of snow and not many people went shopping.
It was a tragedy at the car park because almost everyone is coming now with their car and the parking is not very well shoveled.

After twenty minutes I finally managed to secure a place eventhough another driver thought otherwise.
But when it comes to driving and I am sure that I am standing in my right, I'm too quick for them all.
The brutal party swears and grows behind the wheel and I wish him to have some joyfull days.
He tears away and nearly ramming an unsuspecting oncoming car.
I have doubts on the humanity and peace on earth feeling this year.
But time to move ahead and get a shopping cart.

In the shop you just slowly move yourself from A to B, not really my thing because I always shop with a purpose and now I know where to find everything here.
Well but then I have too take it easy today because winding yourself up it doesn't help at all.
If I drive into the isle with softdrinks and put my stuff in my cart, is the guy who fills up the drink being called by a colleague to come help him at the meat department because there are a couple of men fighting.

Astonished, I follow the two young comrades. As a former night watchman on a vessel you are in these situations ready to lend a hand if it might escalate, but when I arrive at the “crime scene” the situation is under control and the manager of the store is admonishing the two men.
This otherwise very friendly man speaks to the dumb duo.
But what exactly happened and what led to this absolutely senseless struggle?

Two men went to attack each other during an argument about a supermarket product that apparently was important for their Christmas dinner.
The bizarre battle took place in a supermarket nearby the village where we live.
A somewhat older man and a man in his forties both wanted the same article from the refrigerator shelf.
This led to a struggle that was getting ridiculous and was terminated when the older man gave the man of forty a punch in the face.
The man came to fall and was immediately absorbed by the massive group of shelf fillers and the manager. But the damage was already done as the older man has probably got a broken jaw and the man of forty a black eye, as they both have something to be proud on and a peaceful Christmas to accommodate.

And this time ode to the young people that very calm and strictly pulled the fighters apart.
The two bastards probably had to seek treatment for their minor injuries.
It surprised me very much that the Christmas emotions can run up so high on a piece of meat.
But as I am a creative “cook”and if I would run into something like this, then I have just bad luck and I will just make something else.

Well let's hope that it will be a peaceful Christmas and a peaceful New Year yet.
For even the newspaper, I am not getting happier because I read that a bus company that hires security guards to prevent cases that the drivers are being regularly robbed and attacked.
There are too many people who think you do not have to work for money and trying to get money this way.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

The Old Sailor,


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