Dutch mother suspected of killing four babies

Dear Bloggers,

When I drove home yesterday, after a hard day of working. I turned up the volume of my car stereo and some sunny tunes came out of the speakers. And I was just thinking that nothing has been happening and live here is pretty boring. All of a sudden it is time for the news and straight away it has my attention as a young girl was threathned by some guy with a handgun, he also mugged a young bloke a jobstudent who is selling icecream from a delivery bicycle (they are famous for there homemade icecream.) All of a sudden I understand why all these policecars are standing there around the ice cream bike. And then I heard the following item on the news it comes as a shock to me when I realize that I just live so close to the crimescene.

Dutch mother suspected of killing four babies
A 25-year-old Dutch woman has been arrested on suspicion of killing three of her babies, police said Friday.

The woman was detained in the home of her parents in Nij Beets Thursday evening after police found the corpses hidden in four suitcases.
It was unclear how the babies, who were born after 2002, had died.

The woman told police she had given up the children for adoption soon after their birth, but was unable to provide evidence to back up her claim.
A search of the attic of her home Friday turned up another suspicious suitcase, the contents of which were not disclosed.

The parents of the woman told police they had been unaware of their daughter's pregnancies.

Really dear bloggers how can a person do these kind of things, what went wrong in her head. We have to wait for the outcome of the police investigation but still I do not understand this cruelty. We have a bit of history if it comes to having kids maybe I might be more sensitive about these kind of items. What I am wandering about is how can nobody have noticed what has been going on. Not even her parents where she lived with had a clue about the pregnancies and that is very stange I would say. The strange part is that it happened so close by as a matter of speaking it could have happened in my village but who would be so insane. Hmmm........not really a nice thought but life is a bitch and yes these things are happening in the countryside as well. We country hillbillies think that these things only happen in the big cities.My wife rounded up the kids as the gunner is still not been arrested as he is hiding in the forrest. When I come home I tell her not to overreact as this is not something that happens daily. And I was complaining that life is so boring here.

It is not bad to be a bit insane as long as it is funny for the people around you.

The Old Sailor,


  1. Goedenavond Old Sailor,

    Niet te begrijpen dit,
    wie is de vader van die kindjes,
    ouders zeggen idd van niets te weten,
    dit is toch geen mens maar 'n monster,
    zoveel mensen die hemel en aarde bewegen om een kindje te krijgen, en het zoveel liefde willen geven,
    he, ik krijg tranen in m'n ogen,
    wat lopen er toch rare mensen op deze aardkloot :(

    fijne avond

  2. Anonymous10/8/10 04:56

    Alde seeman, it skynt, dat se trije popkes fermoarde hat. De fierde dy't ek der foun wie, wist se sels ek neat fan.
    Ja, hoe krijt in minsk it yn'e holle, âlde seeman. Hoe kin ien it dwaan. Roun deselde tiid hearde ik fan twa sussen, dy't in frou fermoarde hiene,dy't mei ien fan harren har man frjemd gong wie. Se lieten har ûnder dwang in briefke skrieuwe wat dude moast op selsmoard. Doe lieten se har bleekwetter en oare rotsooi ynnimme. En doe't dat ek noch net slagge ha se har sels nog de keel ticht knipe. Hoe kin in minsk dat dwaan. Dat kin in minsk net dwaan.
    Hertlike groetnis...

  3. Anonymous10/8/10 04:58

    Anonymous is dus Babbelegoegje, Alde seeman.
    Ik koe it oars net foarelkoar krije mei de url..


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