It is autumn and gnomes have no place to live

Dear Bloggers,

Outside the weather is miserable and soon they are coming back from the coffee shops, were they hardly sell coffee but magic mushrooms are the thing to buy.
As the gnomes did not have any shelter problems during the summertime. It now all of a sudden gets dangerous on the paths of fairytale forest.

With brutal force the gnomes fight eachother to find a place to live.
My backyard looks like little Sarajevo, every day I have to collect the dead gnomes from my garden, as these pictures are not to nice for my youngest daughter.
It is not only in my backyard happening it is all over.

As it was beautiful weather later today, I jumped on my bike and toured a little bit with my kids.
When we stopped for a break and sat down on the bench, you could hear the machineguns rattling in the distance.

A battlefield in fairytale forest as the need for housing becomes bigger day by day.
As we travel on we have to wait at the gnome crossing as hundreds of them march to the battlefield, with grumpy faces and loaded guns.

My poor kids will have never a happy childhood because of these crazy tourists that come to my country to eat so called magic mushrooms or paddo’s which is short for paddestoel
(Gnomes house)

I just thought what was wrong with smoking grass or drinking beer? As the people that use it got some awesome hallucinations it became all of a sudden popular.
I always learned that hallucinations are images that don’t really excist.

But that must be difficult for our new generation as they believe in a virtual world, they are fully brainwashed and don’t have a clue about service anymore.
They google,skype,date and od everything possible on the computer, but if it comes to normal
conversation most of them don’t know how to deal with it.
They walk around totally out of the planet, not knowing who they are and were they are.
I would say in this case stop eating these mushrooms as they are not that healthy for your brain and all the stories about gnomes will be only stories and myths.

So there is not much left to tell your kids when you grow up finally. I think it is as big as the greenhouse effect and it is also bad for the finacial market. Wall street is collapsing due to this, because leprechauns (close family to the gnomes) put a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

No wonder that it goes bad with the economy as there is hardly any manpower left to place these pots of gold at the end of the rainbows.
Also rainbows are not that often there anymore due to the global warming. The weather has really changed as it was miserable this morning and nearly summers this afternoon. I hope that this world will stop with acting stupid and our new generation finds out it is time to just work hard and will stop using these crazy drugs.
Then the future can continue again where it stopped, who will be the next victim? Santa Claus? Oh my god it is worse then I thought. Were will this end, wake up for crying out loud.

I feel sorry for these little creatures it is heartbreaking to see the little women cry about their fallen loved ones. Carrieng the dead bodies of their sons and husband, and this all because of people eating their houses. Come on human beings think before you have fun as old fashioned stuff might be not that good but it does not harm that much.

(Maybe I should stop drinking now for a little while, as I have the feeling that I get carried away a bit.) But yes I have to be there for my kids tomorrow as normal as possible anyway I will end like always with:”Live life as long it is there, pray for less fights, spend your last money on a drink and fuck if your life is depending on it.”

The Old Sailor,


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